Monk Who Drinks Coffee

Banu Ganitri Khan
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781515322344
Reviewed by Juliana Leal for Reader Views (03/16)

“Monk Who Drinks Coffee” by Banu Ganitri Khan presents the reader with a small collection of her spiritual experiences, written in a simple and very sincere way. Her short stories are profound thoughts and feelings coming from her deep meditations on common everyday life; situations that you may feel familiar with in which you will probably find guidance.

The stories, divided into sections, focus on certain aspects like the Dualities of the Universe, and start strong as quoted:

‘Good’ has a meaning with ‘bad’.
‘Happy’ has a meaning with ‘sad’.
’Love’ has a meaning with ‘hate’.

It also deals with various emotions. Anger, which is a strong energy that is commonly experienced, and is so difficult to manage at times. Forgiveness and how we truly have to forgive when we say so and not carry all the weight. Love, that is so powerful and if we have it, we have it all. Stubbornness and fear, in which mountains have been built around, denying others in our lives. And, depression, which to me is the toughest to deal with, learning how to avoid it and be truly honest to yourself, your feelings, and thoughts, and recognizing when help is needed. I really enjoyed the part of her poem that she wrote when she was struggling with depression:

Washed Ashore Digital Woman

Even being down deep is real
Try to kick your way to the surface
Being washed ashore is giving up
You are digital cause you are a lie
Just like a TV image
You play which channel they like.

It is incredible how, in so many occasions, we lose focus on certain things and just center on others, that at the end it is not what we really were looking for. “We are all partially blinded by desires.” It is so true.

The way Khan relays her experiences with the spiritual world and religion is very unique, how she says that our God or our Creator “loves variety.” At the end of her message, we know we have always the choice in our hands for any decision or path we choose in our life. How by choice, we can be a better human being and take care of the treasures that we are given and do our best to make our journey enjoyable.

"Monk Who Drinks Coffee" by Banu Ganitri Khan is a book of truly simple experiences that will enlighten you spiritually. Great book.

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