A Bubble Shy of Plumb

Teresa Janz
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478760832
Reviewed by Juliana Leal for Reader Views (02/16)

In “A Bubble Shy of Plumb” by Teresa Janz, the author narrates her journey through the most significant experiences of her life. Various stages, that as human beings we all experience; some events with the potential to leave wounds lasting your entire lifetime. The author challenges the reader to explore alternative paths using their internal guides to create different outcomes.

It is admirable to see how Janz goes from one stage to the next carrying, so much on her shoulders, but always trying to achieve her goals and dreams. She learned from all situations and always found a true lesson in each experience. The reader will discover her kindness and caring nature as Janz confronts her mother’s condition, handling it with teamwork and effort, the result of which created a special bonding with her father.

At the same time, Teresa is going to school and building her dreams: to study, graduate, get married, and have kids; dreams like so many others. She does achieve most of them, but finds herself in different situations along the way that definitely change the route of her path. She experiences moments of spiritual encounters, or visions that she can only perceive. In all of her experiences, she believes and holds on to that certain energy; senses and feelings that she believes have always guided her. Always trying to find more and more answers to her questions, she exposes and tries different religions, encountering so much - stillness and peace, but most importantly - healing.

Readers will most likely relate to one or more of the stages of life presented. I personally related to the stage when she was helping her dad take care of her mom, as I went through, and am going through, the same thing. That special bonding of family that grows stronger every day and every moment due to the difficulties of this unpredictable emotional condition of a family member is such a life lesson.

 I truly believe in the practice of listening to your intuition, gut feeling, or whatever you want to name it; to me it is the real guide to create your happy and unique path. Paying attention to it will make the journey much easier. Regardless of what the others will tell you, the truth is in the sense or energy that you feel.

In “A Bubble Shy of Plumb,” Teresa Janz introduces a way of listening to your inner guides, which once you learn how to listen to, will not let you down. Give it a try and follow your gut!

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