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Thoughts of a Butterfly: Unspoken Feelings

Sherita J. Jackson
Xlibris (2017)
ISBN 9781524591243
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/17)

I love poetry, so I am always looking for good poetry books to read. In this case, what really caught my eye was the title, as in itself sounded deep, and musical. Yup, I loved “Thoughts of a Butterfly: Unspoken Feelings” by Sherita J. Jackson.

Although the poem compilation is organized into chapters, I found that the real formatting comes through the author’s ‘Just my thoughts…’ entries because they defined in my mind the tone, voice, and message of the poems that followed. I really enjoyed this as it made me appreciate each poem in a deeper level as I related with the author’s thoughts, which in turn might have originated from the experiences that inspired the poems.

Sherita Jackson’s voice is simple. Her choice of words and the way she puts them together not only rhyme, they actually played a melody within my mind as I read on.  She has not only shared her feelings with the reader, I felt she also shared the wisdom of lessons learned through her pain, and her healing.

Readers will relate with her as the topics of her poetry are genuine and real. It is hard for me to pick a favorite, as I honestly found each one to be a favorite, but here I quote an example to visualize what I found:

Touch of petals
Heavenly bliss
The moon sparkles
Never ending caress
Passion without words
Sealed with one wish
Time stops for the seconds
That we have kissed.”

Overall I loved “Thoughts of a Butterfly: Unspoken Feelings” by Sherita J. Jackson and recommend it to all poetry enthusiasts, as well as all readers who are looking for inspiration from within. This is definitely a book to go back to from time to time!

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