A Magic Door & A Lost Kingdom of Peace

H. D. Hunter
H.D. Hunter (2016)
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/17)

When I picked up “A Magic Door & A Lost Kingdom of Peace” by H. D. Hunter, I thought I was getting a collection of short fantasy stories–I was wrong.  It is a collection of short stories, but they are not just stories. The book is within the Sci-Fi & fantasy realm, but these stories contain reality disguised as fantasy and Sci-Fi. Each story also has a colorful illustration, which I found helpful to the reader to place them in the right setting and time. This collection takes the reader through a timeless trip into human consciousness.  Yes, while reading, the audience will believe they are getting away from their reality. They might even believe they are being entertained, and that only their imagination is being stimulated. It is after the book is put down–each time deep, heartfelt thoughts will pop up in their minds. It is then the reader will relate to what they read and apply fantasy to their real life. It is then when they will find that this little collection of short stories is a jewel to be kept and re-visited time after time.

H. D. Hunter is a young writer with an old soul. His first book reflects not only amazing skill, but thoughts deep as the ocean and wise as the oldest man alive. If I must mention favorites I will choose ‘Southern District,’ ‘Hatari Forest,’ And ‘Gridlock,’ not because I think the other ones are any less, but because these brought backan oldaspect of myself that was long lost and buried within. When a young writer can do this to a well-read, traveled, older lady from a totally different background, and who happens to be an author and editor, you know this young writer has immeasurable skill, intellect, and heart. 

“A Magic Door & A Lost Kingdom of Peace” by H. D. Hunter is an impeccable written collection of stories–all different, but somehow with the same effect. All fantasy, but somehow real. A Five-Star must read by a Five-Star must-follow author. Well done!

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