Henry & Glenn Adult Activity & Coloring Book

Tom Neely
Microcosm Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9781621069386
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/18)

“Henry & Glenn Adult Activity & Coloring Book” by Tom Neely is as described – an activity book purely for adults. While I wouldn’t call the material x-rated, it is still best for adults, especially those that grew up in the 80s, who can appreciate this particular humor. It is a companion guide to “Henry & Glenn Forever + Ever: The Completely Ridiculous Edition” but does stand well on its own, if necessary.

The gist of it is that the artwork and activities support a satirical rendition of what would happen if rockers Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig decided to share their hearts, souls and bodies with each other. And if Daryl Hall and John Oates were their Satan worshipping neighbors.

This activity book is reported to be 128 pages, however, technically, I only consider it half of that because the backs of each pages are blank, unless they list a certain artist’s name. Most of the artwork that will be done will be coloring. You can use crayons or magic markers. But you have to provide your own. There are also paper dolls to cut out, word search puzzles and learn to draw exercises. Each activity is represented by a particular artist and all are entertaining. An impressive amount of talent went in to this work. Kind of ironic, because it appears that the two subjects most featured here were not too thrilled to be the feature in a cult classic!

I highly recommend purchasing the “Henry & Glenn Adult Activity & Coloring Book” along with “Henry & Glenn Forever + Ever: The Completely Ridiculous Edition.” The two books obviously go hand-in-hand, just like Henry and Glenn in this satire! Together or just by itself, the “Henry & Glenn Adult Activity & Coloring Book” would make a great gag gift for someone who has everything. Lots of laughs are guaranteed to be had by everyone!

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