Cure Back Pain

Jean-Francois Harvey, BSc, DO
Robert Rose (2016)
ISBN 9780778805311
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/16)

“Cure Back Pain” by Jean-Francois Harvey begins by explaining the main causes of back pain while offering tips to help us make positive changes.  The author points out that a lot of our current issues are caused by poor habits, including posture and sitting incorrectly. In addition to suggesting ways to overcome obstacles, there are also a series of 80 exercises and 35 routines. These are designed to be followed after the reader does a back assessment that will help direct training steps to address specific needs of the individual. Areas addressed are the basics, flexibility, mobility, breathing, posture, strengthening, and balance. Specific routines suggested show individual pictures of the exercises so that as the reader becomes more acquainted with the activities, he will not need to page back and forth for more specific directions.  Anatomical diagrams also help give visual cues to what is going on with our bones and muscles underneath the skin.

As an individual with multiple back issues, I was thrilled to read “Cure Back Pain,” because it offers non-invasive practical steps which open up a world of more opportunities of healing for me. Since I was already practicing some of the exercises, especially the flexibility, I look forward to switching up the routine that I had created for ones created by a person with an extensive education and experience in this area. Being offered more routines will also help my progression and prevent boredom. 

I definitely recommend that readers plan on taking notes to help supplement the routines. There is so much information presented! Fortunately, it is presented in a way that a layman can understand it. I also strongly suggest that individuals involved in working with people in the area of exercise, massage or other healing modalities, should read this text. I think it is critical that the information presented be utilized to help others with their healing and to prevent further injuries by preventing clients from performing exercises that are detrimental to their backs.

“Cure Back Pain” by Jean-Francois Harvey is a must read for people with back issues!

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