The Seasons of a Giant

Pamela Hartley
CreateSpace (2017)
ISBN 9781542385831
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (2/18)

“The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley tells the story of a young farmer girl called Izzy, short for Isabel. She was sure that the cows missing from her family’s farm were taken by a giant. Groundlings lived on Earth; giants, aka Behemorphs, lived above the clouds. They remained separate ever since the war between them ended, with no way for either of them to visit each other’s lands as all the gates, which they called siloports were destroyed…or so they thought.

Izzy is determined to stop their cows from being kidnapped by a giant and even though she is no superhero she sneaks out of the house one night while her parents were sleeping, to wait for the giant. When the giant comes, Izzy follows him as he steals their bull, only to find herself in the land of the Behemorphs, with no way to get back home…

Pamela Hartley presents readers with a captivating and quick fantasy for a younger crowd, unless you are like me and any age goes!  Izzy is adorable and paired with the giant, known as Boone; the adventure becomes a fun ride. Pamela’s narration voice is perfect for this tale, and the giant’s language dialogue makes their world credible to the reader, transporting them through the siloport along with Izzy. In my opinion this book is perfect for older young readers as well as teens, and coming-of-age story lovers as well. The message of courage and persistence is perfect for coming of age readers.

Overall, I loved Pamela Hartley’s “The Seasons of a Giant” and recommend it as a fun and enjoyable fantasy that will keep young crowds entertained, captivated, and at the edge of their seats, while learning the importance of bravery, honor and overcoming challenges in getting to know themselves.

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