The Webster Nexus

Jay D. Gregory
Delta G Press (2017)
ISBN 9781942545903
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/17)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Webster Nexus’ by Jay D. Gregory on Blogcritics.

“The Webster Nexus” by Jay D. Gregory is a unique and stimulating page-turner I couldn’t put down!

Kevin Gerrick was twelve years old when he first heard the earth sing. He discovered that there is music that runs through our weather system.  Today he runs a computer program that looks for connections between human behavior and the weather. These connections can show trends in economics, divorce rates, and criminal activities. Through his research he found a distinct pattern in Webster, Kansas. His research shows him that this pattern began on the day that Mick Eldritch was born.

Since childhood, Mick has been teased about his nocturnal dances at night. He isn’t a good dancer, and some of his relationships have ended because of this creepy behavior. Other relationships have ended because other eccentric behaviors. He acts with good intentions, but he doesn’t fully think things through, like when he had his last girlfriend’s new car armor coated so that it wouldn’t get dinged. His peculiarities have also cost him his career. Shortly after he loses his job, he is visited by an inter-dimensional entity named Puati. Puati is the last of the Progenitors. Mick’s nocturnal dancing sets off alarms that wake Puati up to let him know that the fate of the human species is in peril. He catches Mick off guard when he speaks to him through Mick’s Irish Setter Jaramusch. Mick, Kevin, Puati, Jaramusch and a couple other characters set off on an adventure to try to fix Mick, so that the fate of humanity can go on.

“The Webster Nexus” is an intricately written story. The author masterfully combines fantasy and suspense into a metaphysical story that has eccentric and engaging characters. His style is similar to Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Moore, yet this novel distinctly stands on its own. I enjoyed reading every page, and at times found myself laughing out loud. I could also relate to Mick’s character. His logic totally makes sense to me–I just have enough common sense not to act out ideas like his.

I highly recommend reading “The Webster Nexus” by Jay D. Gregory, especially for readers who enjoy reading fiction that is a bit different. This would be an excellent choice for a reader’s group because it would stimulate lively discussions. I can’t wait to read more books by this author!

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