Be a Mindsetter

Michael Gobran, William Greenwald, Derek Roberts
LID Publishing (2015)
ISBN 9781910649206
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/17)

Having the right mindset is critical for personal and professional success. Mindsets can be shaped so that people take on new beliefs and behaviors. Being able to adopt a new mindset is a learned skill. “Be a Mindsetter,” by Michael Gobran, William Greenwald, and Derek Roberts, was designed to help people learn how to communicate effectively in a healthy way. These three authors from different backgrounds created this text by combining their knowledge and expertise. They cover research on learning and forgetting. Using the 3R Methodology, three axioms are focused on to create a new mindset. These are Reduce, Relate, and Reflect. An extensive discussion focuses on each one.

With Reduce, you simplify your message to keep it simple so that the listener is not overwhelmed with information. With Relate, you create a message that builds and strengthens a desired mindset. By creating a message that the listener can relate to, it helps it survive without being forgotten. The third axiom is Reflect. This technique allows the listener to question how the message will relate to them. There is an ongoing third axiom which is Re-engage. This technique helps to build and strengthen a mindset which in turn keeps the message strong. All of the discussions of axioms include personal applications and creative examples.

I found this book to be very interesting and engaging. I like the authors’ creativity in being able to present the material in a fun way. While they mentioned that you can use this book instead of having to take a Communications course, I think this would be an excellent resource for Communications courses. The information presented is valuable and concise, and I plan on putting what I learned to use today! I am also going to suggest it to the Communication professors that work at my college. “Be a Mindsetter” by Michael Gobran, William Greenwald, and Derek Roberts, is a must read book for everyone, unless you live by yourself on a deserted island!

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