Ordo Draconum

T.C. Gates
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478752769
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/17)

In “Ordo Draconum” by T.C. Gates, teenager Delaine Rogan’s life is altered forever when she receives a call to go to Romania to help find her missing father.  Soon after her arrival, she learns that her father, his friend Radu, and Miklos had created an order known as Ordo Draconum when they were young men. Now her father has mysteriously vanished, and his former friend Miklos appears to have ill intent towards Delaine because he believes she possesses a tool which will help rid him of a demon who resides in his body. Delaine encounters other characters that she is not sure can be trusted. She forms a special attachment to a professional thief, who appears to have her own agenda. Then there is the vampire Madelaine, who appears to be very caring and looks quite young for her age.

As Delaine searches for answers to what happened to her father, she learns a lot about herself, and she knows that he was keeping some huge secrets. She also gets to see real magic. A lot of real magic. She also discovers that she holds a great deal of power within herself. As it is difficult to figure out who can be trusted, it is also hard for her to trust her own self at times. As her adventure unfolds, her strength and loyalties are tested. Meanwhile, she still desperately hopes to find the man that raised her because the harder she looks, the more it appears that he does not want to be found.

I really got into “Ordo Draconum,” by T.C. Gates and love how the heroine had to go deep within herself to find her true strength. This detail added a great deal of depth to a fantasy novel that is full of surprises. Because of a relationship that is developing in this story, I would have been more comfortable if Delaine was already eighteen. Overall, I found this to be an excellent fantasy novel that has some unique details that make it stand out as a must read for fans of this genre.

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