Blind Spots

Patrick Garry
Kenric Books (2015)
ISBN 9780983370345
Reviewed By Michel Violante for Reader Views (02/16)

“Blind Spots” by Patrick Garry is the story of an unresolved closed case, and a detective who can’t let it go. The case is a murder case in which a mother and her three children were shot. The man arrested for providing the weapon to the boy who ultimately pulled the trigger, confessed to the crime, and was convicted. So why can’t Detective Gunther Mulvaney accept the outcome and move on? Milo Krantz, although he didn’t do so at first, admitted to being the provider of the gun. He was also, a despicable character from the crime world, a rent collector for a big Boss. Yet, something didn’t smell right. If Krantz was so bad, why did he let a girl live rent free with her dog? How does a lenient Judge all of the sudden become so harsh? Why with Milo? There were many things from the case haunting Detective Mulvaney…could Milo be innocent?

Patrick Garry produced a well-written crime novel that will certainly keep the readers turning pages non-stop until the end. His plot mixes a worthy dosage of mystery, legal drama, and thought provoking political corruption, which will fuel many after-thoughts on the readers. It is a short and sweet book, yet the story and topics dealt with still linger in my mind. Garry is also spot on in his character development, All unique and real, generating genuine reactions to their own circumstances. The dialogue always moves the story forward, while unraveling the personalities of its characters.

I found “Blind Spots” by Patrick Garry to be an awesome legal mystery and thriller. It is filled with current thought provoking issues, which will both entertain and create after-thoughts for the reader. A five-star read in my book, which I recommend to all readers!

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