The Carbynarah Chronicles

Jon Franklyn
Franklyn Publishing (2017)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/17)

“The Carbynarah Chronicles” is Book 1 of the epic Swords and Magic Fantasy Fiction Adventure by Jon Franklyn.

Carbynarah is a land of magic, some of which has been forbidden. A war has begun between two factions, and the use of magic is beginning again, which breaks an ancient treaty. This endangers the users of magic. Grand Master Raajanaar has a gifted Maiggii named Yron who is apprenticing under him. Yron sets out on a mission to help defend his master’s allies. While he is on this mission he notices that his magical abilities are growing. He also discovers sacred magical sites from the past that provide him with tools to increase his abilities. If he can survive this war, he will be the most powerful magician in the land.   

Once I started reading, The Carbynarah Chronicles, I did not want to put it down, but because this adventure is so large, I had to! The story captivated me because the author vividly describes the lands and the magical creatures. The main characters are likeable and well developed. As I followed along on their journey, I enjoyed watching the characters evolve. The plot is well developed and I liked that the author didn’t overwhelm me with foreign vocabulary. I rarely had to refer to the glossary in the front of the story, though I did appreciate having it as a reference. I also liked being taken inside the minds of the different characters. While the main plot focuses on Yron, there are connecting subplots that could each have their own books. I enjoyed them coming together towards the end of the novel and expect the unfinished ones to come together in the sequel.

“The Carbynarah Chronicles” by Jon Franklyn tells a magical tale that is appropriate for readers of all ages. There are a few minor grammatical errors that could be fixed with finer editing. The tale impacted me so much, it stayed in my mind long after I finished reading it. As a fan of fantasy science fiction, this novel ranks up high among my favorites.  I was happy to see that the author will release the next volume in the near future! I cannot wait for the next volume to be released!

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