Whispering Pines

Elliott Foster
Wise Ink Creative Publishing (2015)
ISBN 9781940014548
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (1/16)

“Whispering Pines” by Elliott Foster is beautifully written story about several generations of one family who enjoy their family cabin along the shores of Lake Dunbar, in rural Minnesota. Part of what makes this story special is that it is written from the perspective of several family members, all of different generations, providing unique viewpoints from each individual.

Isabelle is the first narrator, and she is the matriarch of the family. She and her husband built the cabin on Lake Dunbar, and thus begins the many trips up north for fishing, hunting, playing, bonding, and so much more. Isabelle and her husband, Sam, took many trips north to their cabin on the lake. They often would take other family members as well, including their children, and grandchildren, once they came into the picture. They were known as the loud and boisterous family, always looking for a good time. Most of the family members loved to fish, and that was the main activity that took place while at the cabin. There were good times and heartbreaking events that make the reader laugh, as well as cry.

Ruth is the next narrator, and she is the daughter of Isabelle. When Isabelle is ready to sell the cabin, Ruth and her husband, Ted step in to buy it from her, and keep it in the family. While many of the past visitors of the Lake Dunbar cabin have slowed their visits due to life getting in the way, Ruth and Ted find times to make it up to the cabin with their own children. Ted likes to keep a forest growing at the cabin, so he and his family plant many seedlings in the hopes of creating a beautiful and rich forest one day.

Eddie, Ruth’s son is the last narrator of the story, and he is a lawyer who also wants to keep the cabin in the family. He loves to spend time at the cabin to fish as well as relax.

The author does a wonderful job of inviting the reader into the Travis family. I felt like I belonged, and I had to double check to make sure this was a novel, and not a true story! Although there were hardships in the family, they were there for each other, and cared for each other in a beautiful way. Its simplicity is what drew me to this story, and I hope to ready many more novels by Elliott Foster! I highly recommend “Whispering Pines” to anyone looking for delightful and easy read.

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