Transformed: San Francisco

Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey
New Heights Publishing (2016)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/18)

“Transformed: San Francisco” is the first book in the Quirky Queer Spy Series by Suzanne Falter and Jack Harvey .

Charley is a female to male transman, who is lonely and longing to be accepted. He is also an heir to a rum fortune and agent in the CIA, which adds a bit more to his character. Electra, is a woman who is trying to find herself. Formally known as Pamela and a socialite, she is now infamous for being the Society Dom. Her infamy came from the publicity surrounding her when her husband discovered that she was a Dom and a sex partner for his friends. She moves to San Francisco for a fresh start but people know who she is. Frankie is an unappreciated police officer who is also mourning the loss of her wife. The three people are first brought together as friends, but when Electra believes that she is being stalked, they join up to investigate this man, and in doing so they discover that he is also disturbed and potentially a domestic terrorist. This is where the adventure begins.

I really enjoyed this novel. It is unique in that the characters are not only dealing with everyday issues, but also those surrounding their alternative lifestyles. Their pain and struggles emphasize their humanity. They want to be loved and appreciated in both their personal and professional lives, just like everyone else, however, not everyone is accepting of them. Randy, the bad guy in the story, has severe issues dating back to his childhood. Being raised by a conservative Christian minister father aided in his mental demise, because this man was an extremist. Even though Randy is evil, the author lets us into his world so that we have a better understanding about why he decided to become a domestic terrorist for God.

I highly recommend reading “Transformed: San Francisco” by Suzanne Falter and Jack Harvey. Readers who enjoy San Francisco lifestyle types of stories will really appreciate this book!

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