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Thank you for your interest in reviewing for Reader Views. Please submit your application and we will consider it. Keep in mind that we prefer reviewers that are willing to read a variety of genres. Before you complete the form be sure you read the guidelines and take note that reviews must be to us within 4 weeks of receipt of the publication. This is a commitment, not an intent. Reviewers will be charged for the publications if the review is not submitted in a timely manner. Reviewing is not about getting free books, it is about having a genuine interest in assisting the writer with reading audience participation.

**If you are over the age of 18 and are not applying for a child, please click here to use our adult form

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I have read the reviewer guidelines and I am willing to commit to follow them. I understand that once a review is presented to, it becomes the property of Reader Views. They will hold the copyright to the review. If I resign from reviewing for and I have not completed reviewing the publications assigned to me, I will return the publications to Reader Views within 7 days of my resignation or pay for the books at retail price plus the cost of shipping to me. This same contract will apply if I do not provide a review within 4 weeks of receipt of the publication. By placing my name in the space below I certify that I will adhere to this promise and consider this a legal document.
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