Steel Wind

Jeff Edwards
Braveship Books (2018)
ISBN 9781640620506
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Readers Views (3/19)

“Steel Wind,” written by Jeff Edwards, is a very dynamic story that reminds one of an actual event that took place years ago, but with a different twist and a much more powerful narrative. It's the Cuban crisis that occurred in the 1960s but occurs in current times with the secret country of North Korea. It's a spy thriller, but with serious political ramifications to the United States.

Now before I begin to write my review of this book, permit me to start in a little different form – my review will still follow the content and quality requirements of a reviewer; so bear with me, you'll see why.

I knew “Steel Wind” would be an interesting read, as the author is a former naval veteran that served over two decades with an Antisubmarine group in the United States Navy. From this, I knew that many "actual" American secrets would be shared with the readers, but slightly skewed as to not actually divulge. After some checking, I found this was correct. I also learned this amazing book was reviewed by the Defense Office Of Prepublication And Security Office. Why? To see if any top-secret information was divulged! Author + sensitive military position adds up to someone that knows what he's writing.

In addition, the author consulted with 10 military consultants and outside translators. Not enough? The author actually studied the topography of the region, including forest overlays of Cuba, vegetation densities maps and North Korea missiles sites! So when this type of author gets to pen a novel, you can bet it's interesting. This is a fast-moving work. A serious page flipper! Lots of deadly actors and actions.

The narrative is so well written, and the descriptions of places, people, and locations so dramatic, you can actually "visualize" the various actions that are taking place! In some instances, I could smell the read... meaning I was there! It was like watching a film on television and forgetting you're reading a book.

You can "see" the frowns and grimaces of the main characters, smell the forest and fauna, "touch" the cold steel of the weaponry, and "feel" the towering warships swaying and tossing in the vast oceans. This book is written in the flavor of Iambic Pentameter...which in old English literature form means simply.....poetically written. 5 Stars to Jeffrey Edwards for his amazing work, “Steel Wind.”