Getting off on Frank Sinatra

Megan Edwards
Imbrifex Books (2017)
ISBN 9780997236903
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (8/17)

“Getting Off On Frank Sinatra” by Megan Edwards presents readers with a spunky character, Copper Black, a young journalist who is very entertaining and unpredictable, and involves herself in situations she can't get out of. Her life is full of ex-boyfriends who continue to involve Copper in their drama. During the research stages on a story about a private school, Copper finds the body of the high profile founder and suddenly finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. 

The setting of the story, in fast-paced Las Vegas, is an excellent choice for this mystery/thriller, considering the tendencies toward loose living, crime, love gone bad, and people who live on the edge.

Edward’s plot includes a wide variety of characters and quite a number of individuals to keep track of through the constant action.  I found Copper to be funny, yet ditzy in her choices and decisions. She is an individual who lives by the law and trusts many people, believing as she does that they have the best interests of others in mind. The characters she involves herself with are talented students involved in charitable works and they have many hidden secrets. Copper reminds me of my daughter in that she is trusting and gives everyone the benefit of doubt, yet is often used by others for their own gain.

I did find it interesting that Copper finds herself in a situation where having just met some important individuals, they are murdered. The author gives one leeway in how to interpret that and therefore you become part of the mystery. The suspense around each situation in interesting, in that just when you think you have it solved, something else pops up.

Edward's writing is interesting in that one can identify with the main character, yet have enough mystery and suspense readers will want to continue to unravel the mystery.  An enjoyable read, characters are easy to like and one wants to take Copper under their wings and guide her along.

If you like learning more about Las Vegas life, individuals who can’t make decisions and continually make wrong choices then you will enjoy “Getting Off On Frank Sinatra” by Megan Edwards. I imagine that my military family background tends to make me frustrated with helpless, non-planning individuals.

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