Abandoned in Search of Rainbows

A.K. Driggs
Book Publishers Network (2016)
ISBN 9781940598772
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (8/16)

There are very few books this reviewer has come across that have a “wow” factor and leave you with such emotion as was the case after reading, “Abandoned in Search of Rainbows.” As a Psychologist by trade, I have heard many journeys of life, some good, and some not so much, but I have to say A.K. Driggs’ journey tops them all. “Abandoned in Search of Rainbows” grabs readers from the very beginning and will have you so involved you won’t be able to put it down. Each chapter details the author’s thoughts, emotions, and memories while she continues her path to find herself.

Abandoned as an infant, left in a brown paper bag on a toilet seat, Driggs made headlines from the very beginning of her life. Adopted by a wonderful family, she had a life that was full of excitement and wonder. Her jobs ranged from an animal communicator, to a phone sex operator, to being an author.

The author tells of her confusion of having love for both men and women, while seemingly more attracted to women. She dated men, but those relationships just didn’t click with her. She also shows in her writing how dependent she is on her parents. When things went wrong they would drop their own wishes to help her. Eventually her parents decide, as parents often do, that it was time for them to live their own lives, as Driggs became an adult.

After her father dies, Driggs feels somewhat peaceful in that her parents had come to terms with her lifestyle. Losing her mother later to lung cancer, she handles her grief by getting back into drugs, and loses touch with her brother and friends, as her life once again spirals downward. It is not until she finds Janet that she feels she is starting to make positive changes in her life; this only to find out she has breast cancer. Yet Janet is there with her throughout it all until the end.

A riveting story, full of hope and love that will keep readers totally in awe that one person can have so much happen in their lives, and that, even as there seems no way out, it all turns out like it should. The author has included photos throughout the book that enables readers to put names to faces. Her descriptions of people and events make one feel like they are right there with her.

“Abandoned in Search of Rainbows” by A.K. Driggs is a must-read book for fans of memoirs and inspirational stories. You will not be sorry you picked it up and started this journey with the author.

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