Bad Poetry

Morgan Dax
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781519546500
Reviewed by Tammy Petty Conrad for Reader Views (7/16)

I decided to read “Bad Poetry” by Morgan Dax because of its name, so maybe it’s unfair of me to be a bit disappointed. The author does admit in the preface that it is a collection of, “…mostly bad poetry.” I really like the spunky style and attitude that permeates the introductions of each section. She shares that poetry is a place to release her anger about her family and society. Okay, bring it on!

But it’s still “Bad Poetry.” Maybe it was the incessant rhyming or just the skittering from one subject to another in a totally random way within the same poem. Or, maybe it’s me and these are just not my style. I didn’t mind the sexual themes and profanity, or even the multiple fonts. I was just hoping to be surprised with strong and meaningful verse I could share with others.

Much is written about love or lust gone badly. Most of us can relate to that, but not in a singsong rhyming way. But then I read The Impossible Ideal Female. That’s when the poet’s strengths are revealed. She’s a storyteller. Without being specific, she helped me understand how a person can change, and most of all, why she changes. This one made me stop and reread it. More than once.

Some Confused Advice caught my attention as well. We all love to give advice, but does it really make sense? I agree with the poet, “…the road of life is not easy.” But, Hero’s Well Endowed Ego is my favorite. I hear this delivered like a slam poet would. Short. Staccato. In my face. And I like it! Am I Alone is in the same vein, but sadder and more imploring.

“Bad Poetry” by Morgan Dax is definitely an interesting read. The poem, Maybe What’s Wrong with the World sums up where Morgan is at, or maybe just where most of us are, and she is observant enough to see it:

“I’m the bully of my own mind.

While others clamor to be my friend and get close to me,

I’ve got myself up against a wall,

beating myself down in a dark corner.”


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