Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct

Peter Davidson
Sweet Memories Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9780976271840
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/16)

“Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct” by Peter Davidson encourages readers to step outside of our current world of overblown political correctness and really say what they really want to say. Brutally humorous examples are given that cover topics ranging from: marriage, dating, socializing, business, philosophy, and a few more. Each topic offers several examples with a scenario, the politically correct response, and then the brutally honest alternative. Some of them are hysterical.

While the author might think that most people go the politically correct response route, having been personally raised in New Jersey helped to desensitize me from the brutally honest responses, which are more typically given. Perhaps folks from New Jersey and New York would benefit from contemplating more on the politically correct responses. I can think of a certain New Yorker who has no filter whatsoever, who would definitely benefit from this idea. Perhaps the title, with his name in it will attract his attention! That being said, “Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct” has nothing to do with the current political situation and the title is just a coincidence.

“Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct” by Peter Davidson has many potential uses for the reader. The first is pure entertainment. The second would be for someone who is preparing to get married. It will help educate couples on what to say if they desire to make their marriage work, and what to say if they don’t. I also think that there are health benefits to be gained from this book. If you learn to speak without holding anything back, you will most likely be a healthier person. First of all, you won’t be holding in stress and therefore will not be as subjected to stress related illnesses. Secondly, fewer people will want to be around you, so you will be exposed to fewer germs. I would get a kick out of seeing this book presented as a textbook for a Communications Argument and Debate class. I think it would help stir up some lively debates!

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