Leadership Briefs

Dick Daniels
Beaver’s Pond Press (2015)
ISBN 9781592989010
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (03/16)

“Leadership Briefs” by Dick Daniels is a must-have guide for all professionals who aspire to leadership positions. It starts by giving the reader basic knowledge on leadership development. The author first invites the readers to ask themselves a few questions. These are questions for both leaders and followers. I found the questions to be the best way to begin this book, as it set the tone for what was coming. 

Even though the book is geared to people who are seeking to move into leadership positions, and thus is a ‘business book,’ it actually reads in a very personal tone. As the reader, the voice of the author made me look within to discover whatever leadership characteristics I already possessed, so that I could develop and enrich them to take me to the next level. The book also ventures into Company Culture, Strategy, Organization and Communication, and how these play in the leader’s mind to reach goals and lead successfully. One of my favorite parts of this book is the ‘Leadership Debrief’ that makes it possible for readers to revisit quickly, a bullet point concept at any giving moment.

Dick Daniels’ writing style is awesome. He definitely has the gift to communicate complex ideas in a simple and to-the-point style. This made the book enlightening and easy to read at the same time. The way the author designed the book not only makes sense and flows perfectly; it also allows the reader to visit concepts as standalone portions. This no doubt will contribute to its shelf value as I am sure many will be inclined to keep it to re-visit over and over again.

I found “Leadership Briefs” by Dick Daniels to be an insightful and very helpful guide and a quick reference for professionals of all levels, who want to pursue leadership roles. It is definitely a five-star valuable tool for leaders!

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