The Weight

Hubert Crouch
Serpentine Books (2017)
ISBN 9781548323967
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (7/17)

Hubert Crouch’s story, “The Weight” is a traditional legal thriller with a plot that revolves around a high-powered lawyer that will do anything to save his “so-called” stellar reputation and fortune. 

Cal Connors, a shady Texas prosecutor, is out to ruin Texas Matters Magazine due to an article he feels does damage to his reputation.  In the article, Leah Rosen, the author, provides detailed information on Connors attempt to have medical experts twist and rig data. Connors is on the war path to sue for millions, hoping that the action will deter the U.S. Attorney from snooping around. Rosen seeks the assistance of attorney Jace Forman to defend herself against the defamation suit.  Jace has plenty of experience against corrupt businesses and is will to turn down Connors massive retainer to do what is right by defending Rosen.

Christine Connors, who works with her father, pretends she has no clue about her father's illegal activities. She is caught on surveillance tape entering the apartment of one of the men who gained profit from falsifying data.  When that individual is found dead, by a suspected drug overdose, Christine is willing to throw her father under the bus to save her own skin.

Crouch does an excellent job of describing sinister characters who believe they are above everyone else when it comes to the law, and can buy their way out of everything. Connors and his daughter’s colorful description as snakes will have readers loving or hating them. It reminds me of news in the last year about athletes who get away with murder due to being celebrity individuals.

The author's background in the legal system and courts provide excellent fodder for drama, beating the system, and lawyers who go right for the jugular. Crouch provides the right amount of action–readers will find the story engaging, realistic and fast-paced.

“The Weight” by Hubert Crouch is Book 3 in his Jace Forman series. Readers who know little about how the legal system works will enjoy this action-packed story that will leave you in shock and present an eye opening experience.

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