It Ain’t Rocket Science

Susan C. Cooper
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781530232413
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (08/16)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘It Ain’t Rocket Science’ by Susan C. Cooper on Blogcritics.

As the wife of an IT team leader for a well-known corporation, I was very interested in “It Ain’t Rocket Science: A Common-Sense Guide to making IT Projects Work,” by Susan C. Cooper. Let’s face it, whether we are IT knowledgeable or not, we all have to deal with technology these days. Yet, it never ceases to surprise me how little is known by business users when it comes to the IT processes.

As I began reading “It Ain’t Rocket Science,” I realized within the first few pages that it felt precisely like I was listening to my husband vent about business managers, and how little they are actually willing to do to better understand the technology they use every day. It doesn’t get any more real and accurate than that! Cooper begins by letting the reader know why she wrote this guide, and it is in her first couple of sentences that the reader will discover Cooper’s no-nonsense voice. She goes straight to the grits and spells out one by one, the IT problems that come from the way people use technology.

In this well-written guide, Cooper does an amazing job keeping it short, simple, and even entertaining for the reader. Her criticism, sarcasm, and valuable advice do not sound preachy or offensive. On the contrary, it was fun at some points, to see myself falling into some of the “no-no” attitudes towards IT, and made me somewhat pity my husband for having to deal with clients like me day in and day out!

Overall, I found “It Ain’t Rocket Science” by Susan C. Cooper to be a quick, easy, and fun read that should be mandatory for all business people in general, as everyone at some point will deal with IT help desks. This book is not only for non-technical leaders who manage IT projects; it has truly enriched my own perspective as well. I recommend this common sense dish served to IT Leaders as an easy, quick read to all technology users!

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