Winning with Money

Aaron Coleman
Elevate Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781943425891
Reviewed by Kai Yaniz for Reader Views (08/16)

In “Winning with Money” by Aaron Coleman, the author’s main point was to show the reader, who doesn’t like budgeting, how to budget in a less complex, laid-back manner through worksheets. The author was effective on this point by showing visual examples such as worksheets that the reader could use to best simplify finances. However, the visual examples were not too different from what some other financial experts have been writing about for years.

The writing was rudimentary. In one of the first chapters, the word “money” was repeated over, and over again. It read like an attempt at SEO, despite the book being in physical form. It seemed as though the book was pushed through the publishing process, and there wasn’t much thought on writing style. It was also jarring when the tone shifted abruptly from page to page, i.e., going from a serious tone to using words and phrases attempting to relate to a certain demographic with words like “cool dude” or sarcastic viewpoints. There were also many generalities with no facts. Alternatively, the worksheets the author developed were helpful for the reader to understand and become involved in.

This book is for the general reader starting out in financial management to the retiree.

As a person who has read multiple books by financial experts of all types, this particular book didn’t shed any new light on budgeting for me. There were a couple of chapters on simplifying budgeting, but the majority of the book was filler, where it discussed basic financial terms such as credit cards, debt, and investments. It would have been preferred to learn more about the author’s background and experience besides struggling with money issues. My favorite part of the book was the author repeating important quotes or points at the bottom of every page; it was also nice to know that the author is a regular person with a family and a full-time job outside of writing.

My recommendation for future books is to have an editor adjust the style and tone to make it more consistent throughout.

My conclusion is that “Winning with Money” by Aaron Coleman is a good start for the author and it is a basic, quick book on how to simplify budgeting for those that are new to financial management.

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