White Wine and Medical Marijuana

Julia Cirignano
CreateSpace (2017)
ISBN 9781548228972
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (9/17)

I was happy to read “White Wine and Medical Marijuana” by Julia Cirignano as a wine and poetry lover as well as writer; and an advocate for marijuana as a prescribed solution for chronic pain. But my perception of the book title was totally wrong as the reference to ‘Medical Marijuana’ gave me the impression of a topic very relevant to my life lately.

Having said that, the thoughts, feelings and sensory experiences painted a deep, raw, and relatable picture of a current reality for young and old alike about addiction, darkness, passion and sadness that captivated my own thoughts in many instances. The only thing that confused me at times was the titles, as I was not always able to find a connection with the poem. An example of this is the poem titled ‘Ghost.’

Julia Cirignano shares without restraint, using words bluntly and openly to express her inner thoughts and feelings about instances in her life. Her communication technique of choice is Modern poetry which allows for words and format to flow freely, straight from her mind to the paper giving the reader a raw view of the author’s heart and inner thoughts. Readers will be immersed into different moments of her life, many of darkness, toxic passion, and pain like, ‘Broken Paragraph.’ Yet I found pieces that were empowering like a quick glimpse of hope for light like, ‘Freedom.” There is one that encases these two extremes for me and thus became my favorite, which I quote below: 

Lost Kingdom

One day
You will be drinking
And you will realize
That no amount of alcohol
Can erase me
And no amount
Of weed
Can make you feel
As mighty
As we were together
The world in our hands
Me in your arms.”

Overall, I found, “White Wine and Medical Marijuana” by Julia Cirignano to be a deep collection of raw thoughts relatable to Millennial’s life experiences, great for young adults and even older crowds. It is a thought-provoking modern poetry collection which many will read again and again.

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