Paradigm Shift: Future Comes from Behind

S.T.K Chan
Self-Published (2018)
Reviewed by Skyler Boudreau for Reader Views (9/18)

 “Paradigm Shift: Future Comes from Behind” is a sci-fi/fantasy novel following Lisa, a young woman from Malta who stumbles into the mysterious dimension, Exo, after a traumatic event in her childhood. It is not until her late twenties that Lisa learns what Exo’s true purpose is and the part that she must play in it.

Author S.T.K Chan immediately throws readers into the action. The novel opens with a violent attack on Malta by an extremist group that sends Lisa’s family and their neighbors searching for safety. It is during their escape that Lisa first enters the mysterious Exo. Exo is an alternate dimension where shamans fight the shadows within people’s hearts, manifested as reenactments of ancient battles. Each battle provides the reader with a glimpse into another time period throughout history.

The multiple narrators, many of whom are from different times different to Lisa, provides an interesting foil to her more modern views. Through Lisa’s eyes, readers get to explore her job as a scientist and her dream of flying into space as an astronaut. Through her friend Gabbie’s eyes, they get a taste of a woman’s life in Ancient Greece. The time spent in these alternate times, both and past and future, are brief leaving the reader both hungry for more and excited for the second novel.

Dialogue is a little overused, and at times comes off as stiff. Instead of showing the audience a character’s personality and quirks through action and plot, they state specific pieces of information about themselves, such as when Lisa says, “It’s just, I tend to think too much about any unsolved dilemma in my everyday life” (Chan 48) to another character. The dialogue is used more as a tool to provide chunks of information and less as a way to move the story along.

“Paradigm Shift: Future Comes from Behind” by S.T.K. Chan is an exciting, fast-moving work that explores how different actions can set off unforeseen chains of events and the ramifications of standing by and allowing evil to make its course. This novel is perfect for fantasy lovers who want a taste of science fiction and is certain to keep its audience engaged throughout!

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