Adventures of A Rideshare Driver

Charles Campise
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781478743200
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (9/18)

“Adventures of a Rideshare Driver” by Charles Campise is an adventure in itself as readers take a journey with Campise while inside his vehicle. I have to say I never really thought about what goes on with passengers or drivers either in a cab or drive sharing and found this to be an eye-opening experience.

Campise retired from the foster care system after forty-four years, holds a double master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Social Work, and self-taught himself Spanish. I imagine those degrees come in handy in his driving job. Throughout this humorous read, he regales readers with stories of his worst fares, to transporting famous individuals, to packing necessities for his passengers.

One of the stories, “Where Can I Get Some Really Good Drugs?” had me rolling on the floor. When passengers ask this question Campise, lets them know that Austin, Texas has a variety of places where one can get what they want 24/7 and at discount prices. Once agreed upon to get some, the author pulls up to an all-night CVS or Walgreen’s. I can only imagine the passenger(s) face at this point.

In the story “My Biggest Benefit from Driving for Rideshare,” the author is often asked how he likes his job, to which he replies, “This is not a job at all” and says when it feels like one he will happily resign. A major benefit is that he can meet so many people from all walks of life and so many countries. The author prides himself in knowing all areas, streets, restaurants and entertainment venues to help his passengers make informed choices. It is his job to be an ambassador of southern hospitality for those who get into his vehicle.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to a friend of mine who completed her doctoral program with me, and she said she has been driving for rideshare for about two years. I was stunned as she has a very lucrative private practice, but she said it wasn’t about the money it was the people and the experience of connecting with so many different personalities.

The last section of the author’s journey talks about packing your car with necessities that will make the passenger’s journey more enjoyable. These include bottled water, paper bags, candy, phone chargers and maps.

Having read these short stories, I believe I would love having Charles Campise as my driver as he is entertaining, caring and will ensure you get where you need to be safely. He writes with humor, caring and you can see that even if he got some not so great passengers, it rolls off his back and he carries on.

“Adventures of a Rideshare Driver” is a read I recommend if you want to laugh, be entertained and discover what it is like to be a passenger of Charles Campise.

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