Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia

Marija Bulatovic
SOL, LLC (2015)
ISBN 9780990410614
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/15)

“Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia” by Marija Bulatovic is a recount of the author’s childhood when she stayed at her grandparents due to her health issues when she was a little girl. But the story depicts so much more than that. The author produced a vignette-style memoir that honors a way of life, a community, and its culture, which struggles to stay alive today even though the country no longer exists. Bulatovic presents readers with a beautiful piece of her culture through the eyes of a little girl. The author’s candid voice is captivating as her own melancholic memories echoes within the readers mind.

I love Marija Bulatovic’s writing style. Her words flow with melody, almost like painting. The scenes come alive filled with color, sounds, and smell. She is definitely a gifted storyteller. I also loved the book design as it made sense and was easy to read. However, the title of the book and the cover threw me off as it didn’t really hint at the awesome read hidden inside. I almost skipped this book because of it, and that would have been a shame as I really enjoyed reading it.

"Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia" by Marija Bulatovic is a beautiful book that should be read by everyone. I am happy I read it and came out of it with a better appreciation, not only for people who try to keep their lost culture alive, but also of my own. I recommend “Fantastical” as a five-star read!

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