No Longer Rejected

Janice Broyles
Crosslink Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781633570658
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (9/17)

Rejection happens whether we are a child or an adult. It impacts us right down to our core. Eventually some will develop low self-esteem and self-worth which in turn will have us questioning every decision or thought we make. There are so many thoughts that go through our mind like, “What did I do wrong?” “How can I get people to like me?” However, it must be noted that sometimes we bring on rejection due to our behavior and decisions.

In “No Longer Rejected,” author Janice Broyles shares her personal story of rejection and the impact it had on her life. She is very open about these experiences and shares how she dealt with it through the help of God and his teachings. Although I do appreciate the references to the Bible verses, for me personally, it was a bit much. While I do believe in a higher power, the tone somewhat turned me off during the reading.

One of the interesting points made in the book says, “We need to start changing the way we think about ourselves.” Many times individuals who are on the receiving end of rejection think they must be doing something wrong. The problem with this line of thinking is that there are some people who are so unhappy that they feel others need to feel the same as they do, so they attack. Let’s face it some people will not like you for whatever reason. The only people you have to please is yourself and God. We as individuals need to stop trying to fit everyone’s mold of who we “should” be.

Another point made is how we respond to rejection. It’s like dealing with a bully–if you keep giving them the reaction they want, they will continue their behavior.

Throughout the book the author provides several opportunities for the readers to respond to questions in order to help them get to know themselves better, and to start forming a plan to make positive changes. The questions are often ones we don’t think to ask ourselves, or avoid because we are afraid we may not like the answers. All we are doing is taking a step back and taking inventory, which we should do from time to time.

While “No Longer Rejected” by Janice Broyles was well written and thought-provoking, this reviewer felt like the author was lecturing. Still, it’s definitely worth the read Quite frankly, if I was a person who was dealing with rejection, lecturing would make me feel worse, especially if I wasn’t particularly religious.

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