Game Piece

Alan Brenham
Black Opal Books (2018)
ISBN 9781644370131
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (2/19)

“Game Piece” by Alan Brenham is the story of Barry Marshall, a detective from Temple, Texas. It begins when he receives an anonymous phone call asking if he is investigating the case of the stolen truck, which he was. The caller told him he could see the truck and they should go pick it up before the driver gets back. Barry decided this was a genuine lead and he decided to go check it out. But when he arrived at Temple Lake Park, he didn’t find the truck, instead he found a Mini-Cooper in the parking lot. The caller had said that he would wait for him on the covered picnic table, but what found was two bodies: a young Hispanic woman and a white male with their throats cut. As the detective begins his investigation, the caller continues calling him teasing him about he found, and what he will keep finding as the body count increases. No doubt this is a serial killer. What set him apart was the fact that most victims had been in contact somehow with Barry Marshall acting as cop.

Alan Brenham presents readers with a well written, fast-paced, crime mystery filled with genuine, interesting dialogue that moves the story forward and captivates readers, gluing them to each page. The characters are real and relatable. This thrilling page turner kept me guessing from the beginning as Detective Marshall and the serial killer played to outsmart each other: one to put an end to the killing, the other to destroy Marshall’s life. The fast pace and plot are proof of the author’s masterful writing skills. I was consumed with this book from the beginning, and though eager to get to the end, I was sad when it was over! The intriguing plot took over my mind. Brenham is an author to follow.

I highly recommend “Game Piece” by Alan Brenham as a Five-Star fast-paced, thrilling page turner for all mystery lovers looking for an exciting psychological thriller. A must read!