The Palm Reader

Christopher Bowron
Koehler Books (2018)
ISBN 9781633936362
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (7/18)

“The Palm Reader” by Christopher Bowron is not a read I would normally be drawn to with the theme of Satanists, but in combination with that and Seminole spiritual beliefs this turned out to be an excellent read.

I have not had the pleasure of reading the author’s first book involving Jackson Walker titled “Devil in the Grass,” however this current book is a great stand-alone book. Bowron does a good job of summarizing the plot of the first book which helps considerably.

Jackson, along with his Seminole cousins and his law clerk have ended the reign of the Church of Set, a satanic cult based in Southwest Florida. Now five years later, Jackson finds himself in a captive audience with his grandfather on the pretense of purchasing new land. However, Gramps is attempting to get Jackson to admit that he has been given the gift of being a spirit talker. Jackson is having nothing to do with this hocus-pocus junk. He will soon wish he had heeded all the warnings, as Jackson and his partner Janie are on a case that involves a missing pornographer which puts them right back into danger with the satanic cult.

The author starts out a bit slow in his delivery for me, but soon the pace picks up with non-stop action involving the Russians, missing clients and potential harm to Jackson’s family and associates. The characters were strong, and you loved or hated them. My favorite character was Lolita, a palm reader who tends to be Jackson’s spirit guide, but Lolita is not who you think she is.

“The Palm Reader” is an excellent education on the different beliefs and truths between satanic views and Native American spiritual beliefs. The plot is unique and mesmerizing which will lure readers from the dark side of harming to the lighter side of seeing into the future to protect the worthy.

As a psychologist, I have had the opportunity to study various cults and what they stand for and found this to be additional information to add to my knowledge bank.

I highly recommend “The Palm Reader” by Christopher Bowron if you like action and are interested in good or bad influences on individuals. I am looking forward to reading the first book and hoping for a sequel to this read.

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