Murder Over Kodiak

Robin L. Barefield
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781511650328
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/16)

“Murder Over Kodiak” by Robin L. Barefield caught my eyes right away, being the Alaskan adventure fan I am (at least on TV and books since I have never been there!) The story begins with Dr. Jane Marcus, a biologist doing research on some mussels and clams, waiting for the return of her assistant, Craig, whom she sent for samples on the other side of Kodiak Island. These mussels and clams possibly caused the death of a woman. Craig’s plane was late, and Jane was getting impatient about the delay due to the amount of testing needed to be completed on the samples. She was also worried about Craig, and felt guilty for sending him instead of going herself. After waiting quite some time, Jane joined Steve Duncan, another pilot, and hopped on his plane to check on the flight that was already over two hours late.

Pieces of the plane are discovered, and an investigation uncovers that not only there were no survivors, but also the plane blew up in the air, as a result of what seemed to be a bomb located in the cabin. Jane is determined to find the parties responsible, as she felt guilty for her assistant’s death; however, it wouldn’t be easy as the other passengers were not short of enemies and motives. She also still has a job to do, and now it would be up to her to get the samples and find the cause of death of the woman who died on the other side of Kodiak. It doesn’t take long before Jane realizes she is now the one in danger.

Robin Barefield is a very skilled writer, hooking readers from the first page, and making this book very difficult to put down. I was surprised she chose to write this book in first person. It makes me wonder whether the main character is based on any of the author’s life or experiences. I found it even more captivating reading the story in first person, especially because the main character is also a woman. Barefield’s descriptions are wonderful and vivid, to the point that I felt the scenery as I read, and her characters were unique and genuine, making the story and setting even more real and believable. This is a very well written story. Having said that, I wished that Barfield would have done some research about publishing standards, as the book shows no front matter at all and that she could have created a better cover to reflect some of the scenery she so impeccably describes in her book.

Overall, “Murder Over Kodiak” by Robin L. Barefield is an awesome adventure with a murder plot and a female protagonist that makes this a four-star page-turner! I look forward to reading more from Robin Barefield.

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