Deadline for Murder

Linda Y. Atkins
Turquoise Morning, LLC
ISBN 9781622373284
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (5/18)

What happens when Louisville, Kentucky Commonwealth Attorney Hilary Adams decides not to seek re-election and is thinking about trying her hand as a defense attorney? “Deadline for Murder,” the 4th book in the Hilary Adams series by Linda Y. Atkins, proves to be the all-consuming, nail biting mystery we have seen from the author in her previous books.

Adams is concerned about doing defense work as her husband is the Chief of Police and they will often have to – to put it politely “butt heads.” Given that Hilary is a much stronger person after the death of her first husband, she continues on with her quest hoping all will work out. Winfield Bennett, head of the prestigious CATS and Jammer law firm seeks out Hilary as a defense lawyer for his firm, which is strange in that the firm only handles the rich and famous, and never for criminal defense. Curious, Hilary meets with Bennett to see what is going on. She is able to bring former FBI private investigator Sam and her legal secretary. However, the one stipulation from Bennett is that she will take on every case given to her with no questions asked.

Her first case is Blake Hunter, a prominent journalist who, “thinks he might have killed someone.” Blake wakes up in a seedy hotel with a dead woman and has no memory of how he got there.

The author draws upon her experience as an attorney, providing readers with an excellent insight into the legal system, as well as the “good ole boy syndrome” one often finds in the south. Her characters are realistic, intriguing and well developed. Sam, the private eye, keeps Hilary grounded and leaves no stone unturned in his investigation.

I felt I could relate to Hilary and the other characters given I worked in a field where men had the last say and regardless of one’s skills, women weren’t welcome. Each character was introduced in a timely manner with such vivid description you either loved or hated them, and, just when one thinks they have solved the case, Atkins throws in another twist that will bring readers to the edge of their seats.

“Deadline for Murder” by Linda Atkins can be read as a standalone book, but I guarantee you will want to go back and read the earlier books. I am looking forward to the next book and highly recommend the Hilary Adams series.

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