Whistle Blower and Double Agents

R.J. Anderson
The Peppertree Press (2015)
ISBN 9781614933878
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (08/16)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Whistle Blower and Double Agents’ by R.J. Anderson  on Blogcritics.

“Whistle Blower and Double Agents” by R.J. Anderson begins when Jim Miller receives a direct phone call from the President of the United States requesting to meet him for lunch. The meeting was related to a leak that some Plutonium was unaccounted for in the account balance of the report from the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). This indicated that safety security system in place for nuclear materials was inefficient, providing an open window for them to be stolen and sold to other countries. President George Keannealy asked Miller to take charge of the AEC in order to investigate and put a stop to this situation. Miller would work with a few FBI agents to track and recover the missing plutonium.

Anderson’s writing is impeccable. She did a great job developing the storyline utilizing factual information to create a credible plot that pulls the reader in, and doesn’t let go until the end. My only issue is that I would have loved to see a buildup of some action and suspense within this amazing storyline, but that is really just a matter of taste. The author did an awesome job describing how things work within the Government at the Presidential and FBI level and with International relations. The dialogs felt real and genuine. The character development was spot on. The plot not only included some romance…it also had an unexpected twist!

Overall, I really enjoyed reading “Whistle Blower and Double Agents” by R.J. Anderson, to the point that found myself turning page after page non-stop until I was done. I finished the reading on the second day, yet the plot lingered in my brain for a few more days. I strongly recommend “Whistle Blower and Double Agents” to all readers, especially those who love political intrigue and I hope to see more from R.J. Anderson in the future.

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