The Retribution

Maggie Allen
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478736516
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/16)

“The Retribution” by Maggie Allen is the third book in the Totoboan Trilogy. Desperate to rescue her boyfriend Nick from being held captive in the underworld, Virginia makes a rash decision that will end up affecting the balance between good and evil in Totoboa. When Virginia is approached by strangers that seem to know she has the magical password to rescue Nick and a friend of theirs, she agrees to help. Even though Nick is no longer the nice young man that she fell in love with, Virginia is sure that she can reclaim this part of him that is missing. Unfortunately, things do not go her way and Virginia soon discovers that she has helped unleash the evil from the underworld. This throws everything into chaos.

Virginia soon finds herself down in the evil place with Nick. He has been given powers that also control him. Full of himself and what he can do, at first it appears that he has no desire to help upset the current imbalance of power. When others show up to help rescue Virginia, they too appear to be trapped in this hedonistic place, where the people are truly not happy. Virginia and her friends work with the good side to create a plan to help bring things back to normal. Meanwhile, the people of several African lands are suffering from drought and famine. Many perish from what appears to be natural disasters, but Virginia knows otherwise and she also knows that she is responsible for setting this calamity into motion.

I really enjoyed reading this science fiction thriller! While it is third in the Totoboan Trilogy series, it was my first book to read by this author. The storyline does stand well on its own, and it had me intrigued from the very beginning. However, I did feel that I had missed out on a lot of what had happened in the prior stories, and as such wasn’t able to relate to all of the characters right away. That said, I recommend reading all three books in this trilogy in order!

I think the author did a wonderful job creating a fascinating complex story that held me captive while I was reading. I found it to be suspenseful to the very end. Elements ranging from romance, rejection, betrayal, suspense, drama, and fantasy, this book has something for everyone. I recommend “The Retribution” by Maggie Allen, is a gripping, action-packed sci-fi thriller!

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