In an Ecstatic State: Poems of Transformation

Joseph Aldo
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478749349
Reviewed by Juliana Leal for Reader Views (02/16)

“In an Ecstatic State” by Joseph Aldo is truly a journey to a real transformation of your inner self, allowing you to go deep inside your feelings, your thoughts, and your soul; it is our biggest treasure, a treasure we all own. Reading his poems will guide you to that part where only you can reach and feel closely. Beautiful words that will be familiar to any state that you have been through and you will open your eyes and feel the inspiration.

Every poem is unique in truth, healing, and love. Find that door and connect with what he calls “The Wisdom of the Heart,” it will lead you to a spiritual experience that will change the way you perceive things, the way to observe things in your life and the world around you.

These are poems that will leave you something different every time you read.

One of my favorites is “Who am I?”

“You are the designer of your destiny
 that which arises from the choice you make.
Consciousness is the palette with which to create;
Unconsciousness is the hatchet with which destroy.
Either way, it is your choice, not Mine.”

Many times we are overwhelmed by thoughts or situations that we don’t have answers to, so many questions, mostly looking for a somebody to blame, and it is so hard to be in the conscious mode and realize that there is no one to blame but ourselves. It is so hard to knock on that door and open wide to our truth, to our reality, to our soul.

So I encourage you to read the poems in “In an Ecstatic State” by Joseph Aldo, and meditate with each one them. You will encounter that door, and once you open it, you will find true transformation. It is your choice to become the designer of your destiny.

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