The Creative Process Diet

Ben G. Adams
Unboxing Press, Inc. (2014)
ISBN 9780996082402
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (07/16)

Well for starters, “The Creative Process Diet” by Ben G. Adams isn’t one of those typical diet books that give you lists of foods that you can and cannot eat. It is written in more of a self-help type of format, but the information is laid out in a manner that makes it easy to understand and retain. The author has structured the text so that it is presented in small segments and each part of the process is explained in layman’s terms. “The Creative Process Diet,” has the reader learning how to use bindling as a ritual process to help the reader gain a level of self-mastery that will enable him or her to easily and permanently lose weight. By learning to empower oneself, I believe that this process will also help heal and improve other areas of the individual’s life.

As I read through this text, I thought that it would be appropriate for individuals who want to get off the diet bandwagon and try something different. Having several friends who I believe would benefit from this process, I plan to ask them to get the book and share this experience with me. I really am looking forward to seeing the outcome!

Don’t let the plain appearance of the text and the worksheets dissuade you, once you get into “The Creative Process Diet” by Ben G. Adams, you will appreciate the lack of distractions.

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