Reader Views Literary Awards Registration for PRINT Books

Step 1. Download the appropriate submission form for your title.

STANDARD SUBMISSION FORM FOR PRINT BOOKS: This entry form is the standard submission form for print books ONLY.  NOTE: FORM WILL DOWNLOAD TO YOUR COMPUTER. Complete and send in with your books/entry fee.

If you have previously purchased a publicity campaign for the title you are entering please use the following submission form. Do not submit this form if you haven’t already purchased a publicity campaign from us for this title. NOTE: FORM WILL DOWNLOAD TO YOUR COMPUTER

Important Submission Instructions for your printed book:

  • Be sure one form is included with each title submitted.  NOTE: BOXED SETS DO NOT COUNT AS ONE SUBMISSION AS EACH BOOK IN THE SET MUST BE READ AND REVIEWED SEPARATELY. If your box set contains three books for example, submit three entry forms.
  • Be sure to send appropriate number of books: two books for the first category, and one additional copy for each additional category. For example if you enter 3 categories, you should send 4 copies of your book. If you are unclear as to how many copies we need for your submission, please email us!
  • DO NOT SEND ARCs! Tempting as this may be, part of the score your book will receive is for production quality. Do you really want to send an ARC to be judged against all the final published books we receive? ARCs will be disqualified. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Step 2. Review Your Payment Options:

Registration fee can be paid by check or money order (US only), or via Paypal.

If Paying by Check:

  • If you are sending a check for your eBook submission, please indicate that on the submission form so we do not bill you through Paypal.
  • CHECKS SHOULD BE PAYABLE TO: Book By Book Publicity.

If Paying by PayPal:

  • If paying via PayPal, check the PayPal option on the submission form. A Paypal invoice will be sent upon receipt of books.
  • International submissions will be sent a Paypal invoice upon receipt of books.

Step 3. Review the Shipping Information:

A registration form must accompany each title. If sending a check, make it payable to Book by Book Publicity. Books and entry fee (unless paying by Paypal) should be mailed to:

Book By Book Publicity
ATTN: Reader Views Literary Awards
8650 Spicewood Springs Rd. #145-178
Austin, TX 78759