Reading Outside our Genre Circle

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Susan Violante
Managing Editor

Before I became a book reviewer, I would only read a couple of specific genres, most likely from the same authors. Only when I had nothing to read, and could not find the usual, would I venture out of my comfort zone and read outside my genre circle. When doing so, many times, I would not get to the end of the book, but sometimes, I would not only finish, but would also like it! Little by little, I began craving the unknown and even found myself finishing the books I didn’t like. So, why should we be reading outside our genre circle?

It Expands Your Bubble

Most of us travel the world and life in a bubble. But by doing so we are missing out on other amazing experiences. By reading books that you wouldn’t usually favor outside your genre circle you are expanding your knowledge as you discover news styles, new genres, and new points of view. This expansion will contribute to how you see yourself as you get to know yourself better…all within the comforts of your couch!

Well-Read Means Better Company

By increasing diversity in your reading choices, you are gaining vocabulary on topics, and knowledge of other worlds which will make for some interesting conversations!

No Pain, No Gain

Sometimes, making the effort to explore new stories, new genres, or new authors can be painful as we navigate them battling our own pre-conceptions, which limits ourselves. But without going through the pain we can’t free our thoughts and imagination to grow our vision. When we do go through the pain, the satisfaction of getting through and learning a thing or two, even if still didn’t like the book, is worth it.

In the end, the diversity of books is infinite. So why should we limit our growth and live in one dimension, when we can travel through different worlds safely from home! To find some awesome books outside your genre circle, our reviewers have some amazing feedback at Reader Views and at Reader Views Kids.

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