Promoting Your Book Without Sounding Like a Promoter

Promoting Your Book Without Sounding Like a Promoter 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante
Managing Editor

Most writers are literally the opposite of a promoter or salesman. We really need to work hard to convince ourselves to mention our book when we are networking, socializing or simply talking to a friend one on one. It just isn’t in our nature to sell ourselves as a published author. But during these times of social distancing when we can’t have book signings or any other book event, it is imperative we learn to put ourselves out there using social media, and any other virtual platform we can find in order to not lose momentum on our books. Yet, we can’t just tell readers “Buy my book PLEASE! Although, tempting…Instead, we should promote without sounding like selling. Below are some suggestions on how to do this:

·        Genuine participation in conversations on your book’s topic. If you are a WWII Historical Fiction or History author, comment on the topic on platforms like the History Channel’s website. When registering, present yourself as an author and include your website.  That way people that are in that conversation can check your website and your book.

·        Same with Facebook, Instagram…etc. Instead of just posting your book there, participate on other things of everyday life. What are you doing to entertain yourself while on lock down, where did you find toilet paper, what was the latest awesome recipe you tried this week? People that find your postings helpful, will check out your profile and there you can have your website, book title…etc.

·        Participate in Online Interviews. Pitch yourself to bloggers, online radio and podcasts about current issues relatable to your book. Make sure you research their programming by checking out their websites to make sure they would be interested in what you can offer and follow their submission guidelines.

·        Create an e-book giveaway and announce it on all platforms having people email or register through your website. You could give out 10 eBooks on kindle format and announce it with the link to the contact button on your website and reply to them with a copy of the book. Then follow up with them to get feedback and post the positives on social media and your website.

In the end, if you can’t focus on writing because of all that is going on, use what is going on and offer your genuine take to others to gather fans. You will feel gratification from it, you will feel useful to others, and maybe a fan or two will mention your book to others.

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