Promoting a Book? When and How to Start

Promoting a Book? When and How to Start 1024 576 Reader Views

Back in the day when digital promoting was a new thing, the PR campaign would begin even before a galley was printed. The amount of time requested by the publicist was 6-9 months before publication. This trend continues as many magazines and newspapers request new book review submissions be sent 6-3 months before publication in order to be considered. So thinking ahead is the key when talking the publicity language. Following are some things to get ready in parallel to writing and publishing a book, to give authors a heads start.

  • Author’s Website.  This is the most important tool for digital promoting because it is not only needed to connect with fans, but also to have one location where traffic can be directed. In other words, it is the main storefront where media and fans can go to learn more about the author, as well as the author’s books.
  • Press Release, Sell Sheet and other Press Kit items. These take time to prepare and should be ready to include in book giveaways or book review requests so they should be produced ahead of time.
  • Book Video Teaser. Producing a book video also takes time, so why not produce it ahead of time and use it to create anticipation of the book launch? The only thing truly needed is a synopsis, an endorsement and the cover to begin working on it!
  • Interviews and Articles. These can also be tools to create anticipation for the book.  So it makes sense to utilize these tools, and begin putting the author’s name and the book title out there in the audience’s mind.

There is no such thing as too early to begin marketing the author, so get on it and put some effort into promotion before the book is out to get the most mileage on publicity! For more information on how we can help authors visit

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