Presenting the 2021-2022 Literary Awards Winners

Presenting the 2021-2022 Literary Awards Winners 1024 576 Reader Views

Today we announce the winners of the 2021-2022 Reader Views Literary Awards Program! The expectation is high among the reviewers who, for an entire year, read and score hundreds of submissions from an eclectic group of categories as diverse as the group of reviewers and judges within our 3-tier judging system. We congratulate the finalists and winners and remind all participants that writing and publishing a book already makes you a winner!

  • Speaking Events. Once you publish a book, you become an expert in the subject of writing and publishing, as well as the topic of your book, thanks to the research you did on it. Take advantage of your new expert status and become a speaker! Even if speaking events are for free, they are the best way to attract readers, sell books and connect with an audience. Bring books and announce that signed books are available for purchase at the end of the event.
  • Use social media to get noticed. Whether through ads, content postings, or online interviews like webcasts or podcasts, social media is the easiest and most accessible way to spread the news of your book. If you don’t have the time or are not computer savvy enough to do it yourself, hire a publicist or an intern. But be consistent to keep the buzz going.
  • Connect your blog, page and other current happenings and news about you and your book with your Amazon book page through Amazon Author Central. This will keep your amazon page current as it will show how active you are as an author right there on the platform where most readers go to buy books. Upload media and connect to your blog so that new entries also show on Amazon right on your Author page.

Finally, always be your genuine self. Readers love and connect with authors that are down to earth. And readers that connect with the author are more likely to buy their books!

See the complete list of winners below.


**Winners check your inbox later today for more information.

Sheri Hoyte and Susan Violante
Managing Editors, Reader Views


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