Pending Review List

We review all genres (except textbooks). Listed below are the books available for review consideration by our reviewers.

UPDATED 11/09/22

Due to the number of requests received, ebooks will rotate off the pending list after 6 months if not selected for review. Physical copies will rotate off after 9 months.



A Counterfeit Wife, Paullett Golder (EBOOK)(11/2022)
And So We Dream, Linda Mahkovec (EBOOKS)(06/2022)
Charani’s Gift, Robert Nolin (EBOOK)(06/2022)
In the Year of the Rabbit, Terence A. Harkin (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Power of the Sky, Alison Blasdell (EBOOK)(07/2022)


Devil’s Chew Toy, Rob Osler (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Mallory’s Manly Methods, Thomas Keech (EBOOK(06/2022)
Revolution, David Dorrough, (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Tricky, Ron Dakron (EBOOK)(07/2022)


A Bounty of Bone, PG Lengsfelder (EBOOK)(11/2022)
A Winter’s Tail: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery, Diane Wing (03/2022)
Barnegat Light, William Baer (07/2022)
Behind Her Lives, Briana Cole (EBOOK)(07/2022)
Cursed Land, Peter van der Walt (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure, Ted Mulcahey, (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Knight’s Eye, Victor Slater (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Little Dirt Road: Bad Men on Whidbey Island, Ted Mulcahey, (EBOOK)(08/2022)
No More Bad Days, Lindsey Whitaker (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Mile High Lab Rat, Ann Payton (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Moonlight Can Be Deadly, Charlotte Stuart (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Prisoner of Fate, Akin Akingbogun (EBOOK)(07/2022)
Salted Caramel Bliss with a Wedding Kiss, Cherie Colyer (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Slay the Dragon, William McGinnis (paperback)(05/2022)
The Brink, James McPike, (EBOOK)(05/2022)
The JOY of Murder – A Daiyu Wu Mystery, Gloria Oliver (EBOOK)(07/2022)
The Lawyer’s Angel, Scott Allen Benkie (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Man Across the Alley, Emilie Barage (EBOOK)(05/2022)
The Mighty Shall Fall: A Hank Anderson Thriller, Raymond Parish (EBOOK)(11/2022)


Hold Circulation, Syntell Smith (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Liberty Farm: A Family Portrait, Izai Amorim (EBOOK)(08/2022)
My Feet Don’t Touch the Ground, W. Lee Baker (Paperback)(05/2022)
Wake Up the Night, Kenneth Silver (EBOOK)(07/2022)
The Blood of Bones, N. McQueen (EBOOK)(05/2022)
The Call of the Void, Reece LeResche (EBOOK)(07/2022)
The Crooked Little Pieces, Sophia Lambton (EBOOK)(05/2022)


Call Me Spes, Sara Cahill Marron (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Flowers Grow on Broken Walls, Farena Bajwa (03/2022)
Inferno (The Divine Comedy), Dante Alighieri  (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Inhabiting Bliss, Kathleen Kinkopf (EBOOK(05/2022)
Kings of a Lonely Kingdom, David Mahood (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Peace in the Midst of the Storm, Kaleb Thompson (EBOOK)(11/2022)
She Remains, Amika Caruso (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Journey, Vol. 3: Living Again, Trevian J. Hunter Brannon (EBOOK)(10/2022)
The White Colossus, Enne Baker (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Walking with My Angel, Adam Scott Campbell (EBOOK)(11/2022)


Anchor My Heart, Sara Beth Williams (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Dear Henry, Love Edith, Becca Kinzer (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Killer Redemption, B.D. Lawrence, (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Yesterday’s Gone, Cindy Woodsmall, Erin Woodsmall (EBOOK)(05/2022)


A Win-Win, Trish Titus (07/2022)
Being Lucy, Emelyne Lebreton (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Designed by Destiny, Maya Tyler (EBOOK)(11/2022)
It Had to Be You, Michael Owens (EBOOK) (05/2022)
Strong Enough, Jana Richards (EBOOK)(05/2022)
The Other Side of Certain, Amy Willoughby-Burle  (EBOOK)(05/2022)


Animal Globe, Peter E. Sabella (EBOOK)(08/2022)
A Sword of the Three Rivers, Seth Hobbs (EBOOK)(11/2022)
A Tree of Omens: The Souls in Sectum, Indigo Sapiens (EBOOK)(06/2022)
A Wizard’s Dream, Hrvoje Butković (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies, Cyra King (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Dreadful Beauty, L.M. Rapp (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Hell’s Holes, Donald Firesmith (EBOOK(11/2022)
Intergalactic Exterminators, Inc., Ash Bishop (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Lao and Chen: Master your Art, Bráulio Pitra (EBOOK)(11/2022)
META Game On, Xander Black (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Mythera Chronicles: The Lost Athenaeum, K.C. Auburn (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Orabelle, J. Barrett (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Rule Trouble: The Case of the Illegal Dragon, Laurel Decher (EBOOK)(08/2022)
The Body Politic (The Tribal Wars Book 2), Stella Atrium (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Darkness that Slept, (ebook) Keegan and Tristen Kozinski
The Djinn and the Phoenix, Carson Cashman (EBOOK)(07/2022)
The Heir of Lemminkäinen (The Far Northern Land Saga Book 2), David Allen Schlaefer (EBOOK) (05/2022)
The Minister of Chance, Dan Freeman (EBOOK)(08/2022)
There’s No Basketball on Mars, Craig Leener (10/2022)
Threads, Edie Ayala (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Time Plague, Kim Megahee (07/2022)
Uncanny Valley, Dennis Verneu (EBOOK)(08/2022)


The Great Tree: A Christmas Fable, Able Barrett (EBOOK)(10/2022)


Afterword, Jeremy Bibaud(EBOOK)(05/2022)
Captured Up Close: 20th Century Short-Short Stories, DC Diamondopolous (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Dropping the Eyelids, Ernest Dempsey (03/2022)
Goodnight Suzy: A Collection of Short Stories, Hans Joseph Fellmann (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Locking Arms with Giants, Bob Faszczewski (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Arabian Nights’ Diversions, Volume 1, Iklil al-Bunduqiyyah  (EBOOK)(06/2022)
View from the SideRoad, Sharon M. Kennedy (10/2022)



Almost: My Life in the Theatre, Roselee Blooston (07/2022)
ARTHEMIST STATEMENT 2.6: Why create art that nobody asked for?, Bjorn Veno (EBOOK)(05/2022)


Armchair Real Estate Millionaire: If You’re Sitting There Anyway, You Might As Well Build Your Wealth, Michael Dominguez (08/2022)
Be Vigilant!, Len Herstein (08/2022)
Faith Driven Investing: Every Investment Has an Impact–What’s Yours?, Henry Kaestner, Timothy Keller, Andy Crouch, Cathie Wood, et al. (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Faster Safer Wealthier: Skip the Start-up and Buy a Stable Business to Build Intergenerational Wealth, Dr. Gregory Bott (08/2022)
It’s Impossible to Commit to Maybe: A Bold Guide for Business Managers by [David R. Lumley] (10/2022)
Leadership Refined by Fire, John M. Cuomo (07/2022)
Leading With Care in a Tough World: Beyond Servant Leadership, Phillip G. Clampitt and Bob DeKoch (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Mindset Unlocked, Cici Castelli (07/2022)
Niching Up: The Narrower the Market, the Bigger the Prize, Chris Dreyer (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Prove It: Exactly How Modern Marketers Earn Trust, Melanie Deziel (10/2022)
Selling – The Most Dangerous Game: How To Be The #1 Sales Rep And Not Get Fired, Robert Workman (08/2022)
Strategic Creativity: A Business Field Guide to Advertising, Branding, and Design, Robin Landa (EBOOK)(08/2022)
The Analytic Detective: Decipher Your Company’s Data Clues and Become Irreplaceable, Steve Leeds (03/2022)
The Consistency Pill: The 7 Step System to Increase Sales and Transform Your Business, Simon Chan (08/2022)
The Expecting Entrepreneur, Arianna Taboada (03/2022)
The Good Entrepreneur, Nick Kennedy (03/2022)
The Soul of the Deal: Creative Frameworks for Buying, Selling, and Investing in any Business, Marc Morgenstern (EBOOK)(10/2022)
The Values Delta: A Small & Simple Way to Make a Positive Difference in Your Personal & Professional Life, Devin Durrant (03/2022)
Wink: Transforming Public Speaking with Clown Presence, Don Colliver (EBOOK)(10/2022)
World’s Best Bank – A Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation, Robin Speculand (EBOOK)(06/2022)
Your Baby’s Ugly: Maximize the Value of Your Business or You’ll Have Nothing to Sell, Justin A. Goodbread, (08/2022)
Your GPS for Employment Success: How to Find and Succeed in the Right Job, Beverly Williams (EBOOK)(05/2022)


Pairing Paws: Dog Breeds and Their Spirit Wines, Michele Gargiulo (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Secrets of Mound Gardening, Darryl Whitham (08/2022)


Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness, Christopher Martin (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Guide to Smart Wedding Planning, Jeri Solomon (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Mental Health Survival Kit and Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs, Peter C. Gotzsche (03/2022)
Pneumonia It’s Rising And Ways To Curb It, Judy Leggets (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Six Hours: Running For My Life in the Grand Canyon, Rick Mater (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Treating Food Allergies with Modern Medicine, Elizabeth Muller (EBOOK)(08/2022)


Beyond the Clouds: An Autoethnographic Research Exploring Good Practice in Crisis Settings, Claudio Mochi (08/2022)
Canada’s Darkest Dilemma: The Growing Problem of Anti-Blackness and How to Overcome It, T.C. Evans (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Coats of Arms: An Introduction to The Science and Art of Heraldry, Marc Fountain (10/2022)
Community Conscious Policing, Brandon Lee (03/2022)
From Asteroids to Pandemics, Jose Nessin Abbo, (EBOOK)(07/2022)
Machine See, Machine Do: How Technology Mirrors Bias in Our Criminal Justice System, Patrick K. Lin (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Take Heart, Take Action, Trathen Heckman (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Great California Story, Carl Palm (10/2022)
The Ligntning Tamers, Kathy Joseph (07/2022)
The Secret Files: Bill De Blasio, The NYPD, and The Broken Promises of Police Reform, Michael Hayes (EBOOK)(10/2022)
True Tales: The Forgotten History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mikel B. Classen (paperback)(05/2022)
You Are Not Your Race: Embracing Our Shared Humanity in a Chaotic Age, Fe Bencosme (EBOOIK)(11/2022)


Caught with My Pants Down and Other Tales from a Life in Hollywood, Jim Piddock (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Does My Voice Matter, Cynthia James (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Fragile Minds: An Advocate’s Story, Diane Lane Chambers (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Journey to the West: One Man’s Odyssey into His Own Mind, Devanath Thenabadu (EBOOK)(07/2022)
Part of My World: What I’ve Learned from The Little Mermaid about Love, Faith, and Finding My Voice, Jodi Benson (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Rooted HEIR, Christina Somera (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Sink or Swimwear: My Crazy Days as an Entrepreneur Surviving Life, PTSD, and a Cutthroat Industry, Jennifer Berk Weisman (08/2022)
The Journey Home: Portraits of Healing, Gabriel Bron (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Story Of My Life: Childhood Never Lasts, Vaughn J. Samuel (EBOOK)(10/2022)
The Villains Who Snapped My Spine: A Memoir, A. H. Nazzareno (EBOOK)(06/2022)


Empty Nest, Full Pockets: How to Emotionally and Financially Prepare for Your Family’s Future, Matt Meline (08/2022)
Finding Light in a Lost Year, Carin Fahr Shulusky (EBOOK)(06/2022)
If Mama Ain’t Happy: Why Minding Healthy Boundaries Is Good for Your Whole Family, Rachel Norman (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Making Your Mark | Leaving a Legacy | And then… A Grand Exit That’ll Have Their Tongues Waggin’, Peter Davidson (08/2022)


101 Tips for Surviving in a Pandemic: A Generation Z Guidebook, Kate Battaglia (03/2022)
Beyond Loss in a Pandemic, Linda Donovan (EBOOK)(07/2022)
Dissolving the Anchor: Untethering Dysphoria and Self-Doubt to Create an Empowered Life, H.I. Yates (08/2022)
From Abuse to Success, Valentina Medini (EBOOI)(07/2022)
G Cubed: The Only Formula You Will Ever Need to Become Personally Fulfilled, Lloyd Roberts (08/2022)
Hope Realized, James H. Belt III (08/2022)
Loving the Present: Sufism, Mindfulness, and Recovery from Addiction and Mental Illness, Sarah Mohr (EBOOK)(06/2022)
RADIANT: How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Life You Love, Iris Van Ooyen (paperback)(05/2022)
Recover in Color, Kathleen E. Yancosek, (03/2022)
Recovery Hardware: A Nuts and Bolts Story About Building a Business, Restoring a Community, and Renovating Lives, Gina Schaefer (08/2022)
SHIFTING Bravely: A Path to Growth, Healing, and Transformation, Holli Kenley (03/2022)
Simple Serenity: Finding Joy in Your Life, Nancy Oelklaus (paperback) (05/2022)
The Maestro Monologue: Discover Your Genius. Defeat Your Intruder. Design Your Destiny, Rob White (08/2022)
Wonder Dogs, Maureen Maurer (EBOOK)(06/2022)


Asking Better Questions of the Bible, Marty Solomon (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Clinging to Hope: What Scripture Says about Weathering Times of Trouble, Chaos, and Calamity, Charles Swindoll (EBOOK ARC)(06/2022)
Come and See: An Invitation to Reclaim Your Life’s Balance, James Vogelzang (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Ignited: A Fresh Approach to Getting–and Staying–on Fire for God, Jonni Nicole Parsons (EBOOK ARC)(06/2022)
Kingdom and Country: Following Jesus in the Land that You Love, Angie Ward (EBOOK) (05/2022)
Nineteen: 19 Insights Learned from a 19-Year-Old with Cancer, Adam J.T. Robarts (07/2022)
Reason to Return: Why Women Need the Church and the Church Needs Women, Erika Andersen (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Restore My Soul: Reimagining Self-Care for a Sustainable Life, Janice McWilliams (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Seeking God, Trevor Hudson (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Such a Mind as This: A Biblical-Theological Study of Thinking in the Old Testament, Richard L. Smith (EBOOK)(06/2022)
The Paranormal Christian, Richard D. Lewis (07/2022)
What Do I Do Now? Building a Solid Christian Foundation, Nakia Trader (EBOOK)(10/2022)


Summers at the Lake, Jon C. Stott (07/2022)
Suspected Hippie in Transit: Sex, Drugs, Rock ’n’ Roll, and Search for Higher Consciousness on the International Trail, Martin Frumkin (10/2022)
U.P. Reader: Bringing Upper Michigan Literature to the World, Modern History Press (07/2022)