Books Available for Review Consideration

UPDATED 09/13/2023
Due to the number of requests received, all books will rotate off the pending list after 6 months if not selected for review. 



Freaky Talez, November Randolph, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Giving Her a Hard Time, JA Martin, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Just Call Me Confidence, Stella Grae, (EBOOK)(04/2023)


A Dangerous Land, Marisa Jones, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
And Union No More, Stan Haynes, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

Dancing in the Ring, Susan E. Sage, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Daughter of the Mob, Ilana Quinn, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

Landscape of a Marriage, Gail Ward Olmstead, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Nad of Nadide, Wagih Abu-Rish (03/2023)
Outcast Artist in Bretagne, Diane Scott Lewis,(EBOOK)(06/13/23)
Shadows We Carry, Meryl Ain, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

The Copper King’s Daughter, Rebecca Jasmine, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
The Strange Courtship of Kathleen O’Dwyer, Robert Temple, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
Uniformly Undeserved, P. Scott Corbett, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
War Angel: Korea 1950, Mike Weedall, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Wild With All Regrets, E.L. Deards, (EBOOK)(05/2023)


Black Wing Sky, Kaylin McFarren, (EBOOK)(07/2023)



A Lot of People Live in This House, Bailey Merlin, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Devil Comes to Bonn, Jennifer Harris, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Melancholic Parables, Dale Stromberg, (EBOOK)(09/2023)


Hands and Straight Lines, Carla Bradsher-Fredrick, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Stronger Brother, G.A. Scibetta, (EBOOK)(08/2023)
Until September, Harker Jones, (EBOOK)(08/2023)


Ashes and Memories, P. Scott Corbett, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
A Sour Note, Jill Piscitello, (EBOOK)(06/2023)

Entanglement, Sheila Bitts, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Fredonia Bound, SannaBlue Baker (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Holy Parrot, Angel A, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
On the Sly, Wendy Koenig, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
One Visit, George Veck,(EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Body Among The Pines, Esther P. Goodwin, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Camaro Murders (The Driver Series Book 1), Ian Lewis, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Community, Finn Eccleston, (EBOOK)(06/2023)

The Fog Ladies: Date with Death (A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery Book 4), Susan McCormick, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Golden Feather, Angel Giacomo (03/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Peace At A Cost, Angel Giacomo (03/2023)
The Last Shot,Brett Wallach,(EBOOK)(06/23)
The White House, Sean Christopher (EBOOK)(03/2023)


A Thousand Cranes, P.Scott Corbett, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Chasing Sevens, Liberty Lane, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Glory Unbound, DEBORAH L. KING, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
Incandescence, Mehreen Ahmed, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Kingmaker, ORey O. (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Miranda Writes: A Miranda Quinn Legal Twist Book 1, Gail Ward Olmstead, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Operation Bethlehem: An Espionage Novel, Yariv Enbar, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Swiss Alchemy, Celeste Johnson, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Golden Manuscript, Evy Journey, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Islander ,David W. Berner,(EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Story That Made Us Stronger, Iris  March, (EBOOK)(06/2023)

The Walk-On, Richard Podkowski, (EBOOK)(04/2023)


Dancing with the Moon, Steven Dale Davidson, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
From Peacock Lane: The Poetry and Prose of Emily Evans, Emily Evans/Victoria Winifred, (EBOOKS)(04/2023)
From the Abyss… Into the Ether, Anusha Akella, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Holy Sparks, Diana Woodcock, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
On Gentle Wings: Beautiful Bird-Inspired Poetry, Oskar Leonard,(EBOOK)(06/2023)

Poetry for the Blind, Atmos, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Rise Above the River, Kelly Rowe, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

Stories of a Harlem Resident. Javier Sarmiento Jr., (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Swallowing Stones, Lisa St. John (03/2023)
The Truth I Must Invent, Francis DiClemente, (EBOOK)(05/2023)(06/2023)


Facing the Enemy, DiAnn Mills,(EBOOK)(04/2023)


Desiree’s Revenge: A Romance, K.C. Carson, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Fatal Witness, Michelle Godard-Richer, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Forward in Time with Jelly Beans, Michelle Godard-Richer, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Giant Men Violent Women, Clover Blaire (03/2023)
Reluctant Hearts, Linda Griffin (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Rescuing Whiskey’s Salvation, Chrissy Hartmann, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Rewrites of the Heart, Terry Newman, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Shadow Hawk, Alianne Donnelly, (EBOOK)(08/2023)
Stonebridge, Linda Griffin, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Longhorn Affair: A Steamy Manhattan To Texas Romantic Suspense, Jane Rohde, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Tremors Through Time, Anastasia Abbound, (EBOOK)(04/2023) 


An Ocean of Others, Joshua Scott Edwards, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Andromeda, James Wells, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Artefactum, J. E. Tobal,(EBOOK)(04/2023)
Babel: Ghosts of Eden, John Havrilla, (EBOOK)(04/2003)
Dawn Star, Michael Lasco, (EBOOK)(06/2023)

Castle of Calamity: On Death’s Door, Robert A.J. Strife, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
First, Randy Brown, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Future Dreams and Nightmares, Donald Firesmith, (EBOOK)(06/2023)

Hearthender: Warhound Series Book 1, Catrina Prager, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Maialen: The Keepers of Imbria Book 2, J. Barrett, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Operation November Blizzard, Stephen Snow, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Our Vitreous Womb: Her Unbound Hallux, Haldane B. Doyle (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Pulstar I – The Swan Barely Remembers, Giancarlo Roversi, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Quest to Survive, Aurora Nightshade, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Salvation Earth, A K Boswell, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

Sex with Jesus, Mike Spiritfair Marty, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Shackles of the Forsaken, K.R. Tegze, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Shadows of Sacrifice: Only the Sinful will Survive, Scott Wasilewski,(EBOOK)(06/23)
Shattered Snow, Rachel Huffmire, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Smuggler’s Valor: A Sci-fi Action Adventure (Reese Daniels Smuggler Series Book 1), T.D. Wilson, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Son of the Water, Mark Bittercourt, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

Stars and Swashbucklers, Lilah Fitzgerald, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
Sunrays Among Shadows, H. Dawn Hunter (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Surrender, Lee Schneider, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Birth of Vengeance, P.A. Ross, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
The Scoundrel’s Blade, Alkiviadis E. Halkiotis, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
The Solitary Rose, Anne Rollins,(EBOOK)(06/2023)
The World Beyond the Redbud Tree, Madison Brightwell, (EBOOK)(06/2023)

To Die a Hero, Jack Heape, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Tricentennial, Andy Miller, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Violetta: A Fae in the House of the Fairies, Denny Swartzlander, (EBOOK)(07/2023)


Book of No, Nabeel Mohan, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Hope & Luna: a Modern Fable, Charles J. Orlando, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
LTR and Other Stories, Anand Rao, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
View from the SideRoad, Sharon M. Kennedy (10/2022)



Almost: My Life in the Theatre, Roselee Bloosten,(EBOOK)(03/2023)
Greg Williams Photo Breakdowns: The Stories Behind 100 Portraits, Greg Williams, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Ultimate Mix Tape Music Quiz Book, Tamara Dever, (EBOOK)(04/2023)


14 Steps to Financial Freedom, Bruce Scott (03/2023)
AI Bullseye Tactics for Non-Technical Business Leaders, Thomas Gilbertson (03/2023)
Nothing Gets Sold Until the Story Gets Told, Steve Multer (03/2023)
Offshore Riches: A Guide to Recession-proofing Your Business, Raymond Hopkins, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Scaling Supply Chains with Maria, Marcia Williams, (EBOOKS)(04/2023)

The Habit House: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Consistent and Successful Prospecting, Michael Manrique (03/2023)
Unveiling Statistics in Articles, Paulo Buchsbaum, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions An Owner MUST Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth, Christopher Snider, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Your Baby’s Ugly: Maximize the Value of Your Business or You’ll Have Nothing to Sell, Justin A. Goodbread, (08/2022)


After the Crash, Kelly Tuttle (03/2023)
Prescription for Admission, Monique S. Nugent (03/2023)

IN REVIEW The Breathable Body, Robert Litman, (EBOOK)(07/2023)



A fragile hold, Ruth Maree Cotton, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
A Smoke and A Song, Sherry Sidoti, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Around Europe in 180 Days, Sue Castor, (EBOOK)(05/2023)

Grandpa’s Money: An Autobiographical Novel of Small-Town Life in a Big City World, Allen Kurtz, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
My SECOND Life, Simon Yeats, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Reconfigured, Barbara Wolf Terao, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Ride or Die: Loving Through Tragedy, A Husband’s Memoir, Jarie Bolander, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Six Days in Detox, Dianne Corbeau, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
The Buddha in Our Bellies, Keith Robinson, (EBOOK)(06/2023)

The Fine Art of Camouflage, Lauren Kay Johnson, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise: Pentimento Memories of Mom and Me, Robert W. Norris, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

The Story Of My Life: Childhood Never Lasts, Vaughn J. Samuel (EBOOK)(10/2022)
The Wasp Woman: The Life, Career and Murder of Hollywood’s Susan Cabot, Lona Bailey, (EBOOK)(07/2023)

IN REVIEWTrauma Bonded: A True Story of Navigating Attachments Forged in Complex PTSD, Sarah Westbrook, (EBOOK)(08/2023)

Underwater Daughter, Antonia Deignan, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
We Are All Made of Scars, Christopher Morris, (03/2023)
Words With My Father: A Bipolar Journey Through Turbulent Times, Lowell Klessig & Lukas Klessig(EBOOK)(04/2023)


Love Like a Man: A Frenchman’s Guide to Help American Men Be Better Partners, Guy Blaise (03/2023)
TEEN MOTHERS: Designing a Fabulous Life, Michelle Swann (EBOOK)(03/2023)


IN REVIEW: Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud, Dr. Tom Lonsdale, (EBOOK)(05/2023)


125 Questions You Never Knew You Had, Steven Askew,(EBOOK)(04/2023)
Grief Ally: Helping People You Love Deal with Death, Loss and Grief, Ally Bird (03/2023)
Heal Grow Change, David Anthony Giuliano (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Lifeline to a Soul: The Life-Changing Perspective I Gained While Teaching Entrepreneurship to Prisoners, John K. McLaughlin (03/2023)
Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks: 22 Hacks to Destress, Avoid Negativity, and Stop Overthinking , Xolani Kacela,(EBOOK)(06/2023)
The Blueprint for Success: A Guide to the 14 Essential Principles, Rodolfo Costa (EBOOK)(04/23)
The Christian Leader Blueprint, Ryan Franklin, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
The Opposite is True, Efren Delgado (EBOOK)(07/2023)
The Tollbooth: An Inspirational Story about One Man’s 40-Day Spiritual Journey, John Feloni, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
Too Fat To Be Fit (And Other Stupid Things I’ve Been Told), Amy Moreland, (EBOOK)(06/23)

Unexpected Kindness: Autobiographical Stories of Gratitude, Dr. Joe Vitale (EBOOK)(03/2023)


Awakening Through Moments of Choice, Vince Kramer, Mary Kramer (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Bearing God: Living A Christ-Formed Life in Uncharted Waters, Marlena Graves, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The AVL Production Perspective, M.T. Losey, (EBOOK)(04/2023)   



50 States of Mind: A Journey to Rediscover American Democracy, Ryan Bersten, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Suspected Hippie in Transit: Sex, Drugs, Rock ’n’ Roll, and Search for Higher Consciousness on the International Trail, Martin Frumkin (10/2022)
Travels with Maurice an Outrageous Adventure in Europe in 1968, Gary Orleck, (EBOOK)(04/2023)