Pending Review List

We review all genres (except textbooks). Listed below are the books available for review consideration by our reviewers.

UPDATED 03/13/2023

Due to the number of requests received, all books will rotate off the pending list after 6 months if not selected for review. 



Filth, Mr. E. (EBOOK)(01/2023)


A Counterfeit Wife, Paullett Golder (EBOOK)(11/2022)

Disturbed Tombs: Dr. Kaili Worthy Series Book 1, Kay A. Oliver (03/2023)
Grave Disturbances: Dr. Kali Worthy Series Book 2, Kay A. Oliver (03/2023)
Nad of Nadide, Wagih Abu-Rish (03/2023)
Other Worlds Were Possible by Sheldon Joss (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Sailor’s Heart, Martin Campbell (03/2023)


Moe Howard Died for Our Sins: Made-To-Fit Tales for the Maladjusted, Dale Andrew White (01/2023)


A Bounty of Bone, PG Lengsfelder (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Barnegat Light, William Baer (07/2022)
Death’s Pale Flag, Gary Simonds (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Fredonia Bound, SannaBlue Baker (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure, Ted Mulcahey, (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Knight’s Eye, Victor Slater (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Moonlight Can Be Deadly, Charlotte Stuart (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Broken Bridge: A Succulent Sleuth Cozy Mystery, Iris March (03/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Broken Valor (EBOOK)(01/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Brothers In Arms (EBOOK)(01/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Double Envelopment (EBOOK)(01/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Duty, Honor, and Courage (EBOOK)(01/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Forged in Fire and Blood (EBOOK)(01/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Golden Feather, Angel Giacomo (03/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Peace At A Cost, Angel Giacomo (03/2023)
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Torn Horizons (EBOOK)(01/2023)
The JOY of Murder – A Daiyu Wu Mystery, Gloria Oliver (EBOOK)(07/2022)
The Lawyer’s Angel, Scott Allen Benkie (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Mighty Shall Fall: A Hank Anderson Thriller, Raymond Parish (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Slow Sip, Kirsten Abel (EBOOK)(/2023)
The White House, Sean Christopher (EBOOK)(03/2023)


Eiliyah, Umme Pritam, (EBOOK)(02/2023)
Hold Circulation, Syntell Smith (EBOOK)(11/2022)
My Canvas Bag, Lucas Kinkaid  (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Richie the Caseworker by Christopher Febles (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Road to Elysium: A Heartfelt Story of Self-forgiveness, Bold Verdicts, and a Neighborhood, Kay A. Oliver (02/2023)
The Abnormal by Dr. Amir Gendy (EBOOK)(01/2023)
The Placeholder, Lynda Wolters, (EBOOK)(02/2023)


Call Me Spes, Sara Cahill Marron (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Figures of Speech, Meryl Phair (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Swallowing Stones, Lisa St. John (03/2023)
The Sibyl by Hamant Singh (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Walking with My Angel, Adam Scott Campbell (EBOOK)(11/2022)


Dear Henry, Love Edith, Becca Kinzer (EBOOK)(10/2022)
The Persistent Road, Tim Bishop (02/2023)


Being Lucy, Emelyne Lebreton (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Giant Men Violent Women, Clover Blaire (03/2023)
Old Enough, Yet Unmarried, Dr. O. (EBOOK)(02/2023)
Operation Mom:  My Plan to Get My Mom a Life… and a Man, Reenita Malhotra Hora (EBOOK)(02/2023)
Reluctant Hearts, Linda Griffin (EBOOK)(03/2023)
The Geek Girl Squad: Mia, Jasmine C. Caldwell (EBOOK)(03/2023)



Animal Globe, Peter E. Sabella (EBOOK)(08/2022)
A Sword of the Three Rivers, Seth Hobbs (EBOOK)(11/2022)
A Wizard’s Dream, Hrvoje Butković (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Ever the Night Road, Michael Breen (EBOOK)(02/2023)
Hell’s Holes, Donald Firesmith (EBOOK(11/2022)
Hidden Shifters, David Dann (01/2023)
In the Heart of the Linden Wood, Ekta Garg (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Lao and Chen: Master your Art, Bráulio Pitra (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Leaves of Holly, Arnella Hobler (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Periodic East: Book One, Gabriel Rodriguez (EBOOK)(02/2023)
Rule Trouble: The Case of the Illegal Dragon, Laurel Decher (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Sisterhood, Carol Ann Moore (EBOOK)(02/2023)
Sunrays Among Shadows, H. Dawn Hunter (EBOOK)(03/2023)
The Body Politic (The Tribal Wars Book 2), Stella Atrium (EBOOK)(11/2022)
There’s No Basketball on Mars, Craig Leener (10/2022)
Tiloran: An Abandoned Home, Julian Fogel (EBOOK)01/2023)


Captured by Love, Anthology (galley copy-wirebound) (02/2023)
Cheeky, Bloody Articles, Cathleen Davies (EBOOK)(02/2023)
Goodnight Suzy: A Collection of Short Stories, Hans Joseph Fellmann (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Locking Arms with Giants, Bob Faszczewski (EBOOK)(11/2022)
North of Nelson, Hilton Everett Moore (01/2023)
View from the SideRoad, Sharon M. Kennedy (10/2022)



Adoration and Pilgrimage: James Dean and Fairmount, James F. Hopgood (01/2023)
Almost: My Life in the Theatre, Roselee Blooston (07/2022)
Camera, Speed…Action!: An Insider’s Secrets to the Real World of Acting, Michael Ray Davis (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Throw Away Your Camera, George Tatakis, (EBOOK)(01/2023)


14 Steps to Financial Freedom, Bruce Scott (03/2023)
AI Bullseye Tactics for Non-Technical Business Leaders, Thomas Gilbertson (03/2023)
Armchair Real Estate Millionaire: If You’re Sitting There Anyway, You Might As Well Build Your Wealth, Michael Dominguez (08/2022)
Be Vigilant!, Len Herstein (08/2022)
Essentials of Career Management for Language Professionals by Sim Ngezahayo (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Faster Safer Wealthier: Skip the Start-up and Buy a Stable Business to Build Intergenerational Wealth, Dr. Gregory Bott (08/2022)
It’s Impossible to Commit to Maybe: A Bold Guide for Business Managers by [David R. Lumley] (10/2022)
Leadership Refined by Fire, John M. Cuomo (07/2022)
Leading With Care in a Tough World: Beyond Servant Leadership, Phillip G. Clampitt and Bob DeKoch (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Lights, Camera, Impact: Storytelling, Branding, and Production Tips for Engaging Corporate Videos, Tony Gnau (01/2023)
Niching Up: The Narrower the Market, the Bigger the Prize, Chris Dreyer (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Nothing Gets Sold Until the Story Gets Told, Steve Multer (03/2023)
Prove It: Exactly How Modern Marketers Earn Trust, Melanie Deziel (10/2022)
Selling – The Most Dangerous Game: How To Be The #1 Sales Rep And Not Get Fired, Robert Workman (08/2022)
Smart Business, Better You: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Deniero Bartolini (02/2023)
Strategic Creativity: A Business Field Guide to Advertising, Branding, and Design, Robin Landa (EBOOK)(08/2022)
The Business of Giving: New Best Practices for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leaders in an Uncertain World, Denver Frederick (02/2023)
The Consistency Pill: The 7 Step System to Increase Sales and Transform Your Business, Simon Chan (08/2022)
The Gray Choice: Lessons on My Journey from Big-Time Banking to the Big House (and Back), Shaun Hayes (02/2023)
The Habit House: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Consistent and Successful Prospecting, Michael Manrique (03/2023)
Wink: Transforming Public Speaking with Clown Presence, Don Colliver (EBOOK)(10/2022)
Women, Leadership, and Saving the World, Belinda Clemmensen (02/2023)
Your Baby’s Ugly: Maximize the Value of Your Business or You’ll Have Nothing to Sell, Justin A. Goodbread, (08/2022)


After the Crash, Kelly Tuttle (03/2023)
Guide to Smart Wedding Planning, Jeri Solomon (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Pneumonia It’s Rising And Ways To Curb It, Judy Leggets (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Prescription for Admission, Monique S. Nugent (03/2023)
Six Hours: Running For My Life in the Grand Canyon, Rick Mater (EBOOK)(11/2022)


Beyond the Clouds: An Autoethnographic Research Exploring Good Practice in Crisis Settings, Claudio Mochi (08/2022)
Machine See, Machine Do: How Technology Mirrors Bias in Our Criminal Justice System, Patrick K. Lin (EBOOK)(08/2022)
Note to Self: A Music Director’s Guide for Transitioning to a New School/building a thriving music program, Adrian Gordon (0/2023)
Take Heart, Take Action, Trathen Heckman (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Ligntning Tamers, Kathy Joseph (07/2022)
Who They Are: And What They’re Up To, Leslie Shaw (EBOOK)(01/2023)
You Are Not Your Race: Embracing Our Shared Humanity in a Chaotic Age, Fe Bencosme (EBOOIK)(11/2022)


Does My Voice Matter, Cynthia James (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Encounters with Authors, Dale Andrew White (02/2023)
My Heart Behind Bars: A Mother’s Journey of Grief, Incarceration, Love and Forgiveness, Lorri Britt (02/2023)
Rooted HEIR, Christina Somera (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Fun Master, Jeff Seitzer (02/2023)
The Journey Home: Portraits of Healing, Gabriel Bron (EBOOK)(11/2022)
The Story Of My Life: Childhood Never Lasts, Vaughn J. Samuel (EBOOK)(10/2022)
We Are All Made of Scars, Christopher Morris (03/2023)
White Girl Within, Ronnie Gladden (02/2023)


Empty Nest, Full Pockets: How to Emotionally and Financially Prepare for Your Family’s Future, Matt Meline (08/2022)
Love Like a Man: A Frenchman’s Guide to Help American Men Be Better Partners, Guy Blaise (03/2023)
Making Your Mark | Leaving a Legacy | And then… A Grand Exit That’ll Have Their Tongues Waggin’, Peter Davidson (08/2022)
New Parenting Can Change Your World by Karlton Terry (EBOOK(01/2023)
TEEN MOTHERS: Designing a Fabulous Life, Michelle Swann (EBOOK)(03/2023)


G Cubed: The Only Formula You Will Ever Need to Become Personally Fulfilled, Lloyd Roberts (08/2022)
Grief Alley: Helping People You Love Deal with Death, Loss and Grief, Ally Bird (03/2023)
Heal Grow Change, David Anthony Giuliano (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Hope for the Worst, Kate Brandt (02/2023)
Keep Those Feet Moving: A Widower’s 8-Step Guide to Coping with Grief and Thriving Against All Odds, AJ Coleman (01/2023)
Lifeline to a Soul: The Life-Changing Perspective I Gained While Teaching Entrepreneurship to Prisoners, John K. McLaughlin (03/2023)
Midlife Emergence: Free Your Inner Fire, Jen Berlingo (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Speak No Evil by Frank J Plateroti (EBOOK)(01/2023)
Unexpected Kindness: Autobiographical Stories of Gratitude, Dr. Joe Vitale (EBOOK)(03/2023)


Asking Better Questions of the Bible, Marty Solomon (EBOOK)(11/2022)
Awakening Through Moments of Choice, Vince Kramer, Mary Kramer (EBOOK)(03/2023)
Come and See: An Invitation to Reclaim Your Life’s Balance, James Vogelzang (EBOOK)(11/2022)
My Story His Glory, Nathaniel X. Arnold (03/2023)
Nineteen: 19 Insights Learned from a 19-Year-Old with Cancer, Adam J.T. Robarts (07/2022)
Reason to Return: Why Women Need the Church and the Church Needs Women, Erika Andersen (EBOOK)(10/2022)


The Death and Resurrection of Baseball,  William R. Douglas (EBOOK(02/2023)


Summers at the Lake, Jon C. Stott (07/2022)
Suspected Hippie in Transit: Sex, Drugs, Rock ’n’ Roll, and Search for Higher Consciousness on the International Trail, Martin Frumkin (10/2022)