Pending Review List

We review all genres (except textbooks). Listed below are the books available for review consideration by our reviewers.

UPDATED 05/20/2022

Due to the number of requests received, ebooks will rotate off the pending list after 6 months, if not selected for review. Physical copies will rotate off after 9 months.



Charity’s Gunman, Aedan Sayla (EBOOK)(03/2022)


A Particular Friendship, Paul Van der Spiegel (EBOOK)(03/2022)


All Men Glad and Wise, Laura C. Stevenson (paperback) (05/2022)
A River of Lies, John Crossan (EBOOK)(01/2022)
A Winter’s Tail: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery, Diane Wing (03/2022)
Death by Sample Size, Susie Black (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Domestic Deceit, HC Johnson (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Fields of Fire, Ryan Steck (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Gambling with Murder: A Southern California Mystery, Lida Sideris, (EBOOK) (03/2022)
Jamoulks, Roland Miranda (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Searching for Truth, Barry Finlay (EBOOK) (01/2022)
Slay the Dragon, William McGinnis (paperback)(05/2022)
The Brink, James McPike, (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Time Plague: Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures, Kim Megahee (12/2021)


A Fight For Full Disclosure, Stanley M. Berry (ARC) (12/2021)
Arborview, Karen Guzman (EBOOK) (12/2021)
Forging a New America, Roger Colley (01/2022)
Fragments of Faith, Michelle Harris-Genge (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Goods & Effects, Al Schnupp (EBOOK) (10/2021)
Love in the Time of Horses, Charles Porter (01/2022)
Mission Repair, Stacy Eaton (10/2021)
My Feet Don’t Touch the Ground, W. Lee Baker (Paperback)(05/2022)
Never A Mere Mortal, Devon Dial (EBOOK) (03/2022)
The Moon Food Cafe, William Hageman (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Second Chance, Giuseppe Scarpine, (10/2021)
The Sterling Gospel, Atticus Mullon (EBOOK) (03/2022)


Flowers Grow on Broken Walls, Farena Bajwa (03/2022)
Inferno (The Divine Comedy), Dante Alighieri  (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Inhabiting Bliss, Kathleen Kinkopf (EBOOK(05/2022)


Code of Courage, Janice Cantore (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Heirlooms, Sandra Byrd (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Lifemark, Chris Fabry (EBOOK)(03/2022)


A Touch of Romance, Paullett Golden (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Captive Hearts: A Persuasion Variation, Kelly Miller (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Destined, Sanne Geerts (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Shoot Down the Stars by Lauren Biel (EBOOK) (12/2021)
Teach Me Tonight, Susan Coventry (paperback)(05/2022)
The Bridges We Will Build, Kacie Lecompte Renfro (paperback)(05/2022)


Cush Sovereignty: Black Righteousness, L.J. Bolin (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Dino Crisis – Stranded, Chris Liberty (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Dystopia’s Edge, Ian Rollins Price (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Marigold, Heather Mitchell Manheim (12/2021)
Menap 2089, Panther Optikonz (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah, Dixon Troyer (12/2021)
Mythera Chronicles: The Lost Athenaeum, K.C. Auburn (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Neanderthals: The Experiment,  Eman Thabet (10/2021)
Not to Touch the Earth, Felix Little (EBOOK) (03/2022)
Rise of the Ravenisha, P. Grace Lawson (EBOOK)(01/2022)
The Blessing of the Black Wolves, JS Murphy (paperback)(05/2022)
The Darkness that Slept, (ebook) Keegan and Tristen Kozinski
The Heir of Lemminkäinen (The Far Northern Land Saga Book 2), David Allen Schlaefer (EBOOK) (05/2022)
The Little Fairleaf, Jeremy Forsyth (EBOOK)(01/2022)
The Secret of Mars, Andrew Orange (EBOOK)(03/2022)


Afterword, Jeremy Bibaud(EBOOK)(05/2022)
…all good apologies end in a #ashtag, Brian Wilcox (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Brothers, Fathers, and Other Strangers, Mitchell Waldman (EBOOI) (03/2022)
Crawl Space and Other Stories of Limited Maneuverability, Richard Krause (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Dropping the Eyelids, Ernest Dempsey (03/2022)



ARTHEMIST STATEMENT 2.6: Why create art that nobody asked for?, Bjorn Veno (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Bond Movies: A Retrospective, Ho Lin (EBOOK) (12/2021)


Be Vigilant, Len Herstein (10/2021)
Capitalism Is Past Its Sell-By Date, Kit Webster (01/2022)
Faster Safer Wealthier, Dr. Gregory Bott (10/2021)
Hidden Cash Uncovered, Christian Bishop (03/2022)
Kickass Presentations, Dan Fraser (03/2022)
Make Me the Boss: Surviving as A Millennial Manager in the Corporate World, Emily Tsitrian (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Selling – The Most Dangerous Game, Robert Workman (10/2021)
The Analytic Detective: Decipher Your Company’s Data Clues and Become Irreplaceable, Steve Leeds (03/2022)
The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire, Michael Dominguez (10/2021)
The DAP Strategy, Raj Sundarason (03/2022)
The Expecting Entrepreneur, Arianna Taboada (03/2022)
The Good Entrepreneur, Nick Kennedy (03/2022)
The Indispensable Leader, Darby Vannier (01/2022)
The Values Delta: A Small & Simple Way to Make a Positive Difference in Your Personal & Professional Life, Devin Durrant (03/2022)
Transparent Investing, Patrick Geddes (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Your Baby’s Ugly: Maximize the Value of Your Business, Justin A. Goodbread (10/2021)
Your GPS for Employment Success: How to Find and Succeed in the Right Job, Beverly Williams (EBOOK)(05/2022)


Changing the Game: Your Guide for Transforming Wild Game into Game-Changing Meals, Craig J. Tomsky (12/2021)


50 Years Lost in Medical Advance, Lewis S. Coleman, MD (12/2021)
A Piece of Peace: Everyday Mindfulness You Can Use, Sweta Vikram (ARC COPY) (10/2021)
Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness, Christopher Martin (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Happy Mom Happy Kid, Zelmira Crespi and Maria Luisa Montt (10/2021)
Health in Flames, V. Thomas George (10/2021)
Living Life Awake, Kristin Walker (10/2021)
Mental Health Survival Kit and Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs, Peter C. Gotzsche (03/2022)
Pretreatment in Action, Jay S. Levy (10/2021)
The Sensory Processing Diet, Chynna Laird (10/2021)


Community Conscious Policing, Brandon Lee (03/2022)
Demystifying Diversity: Embracing our Shared Humanity, Daralyse Lyons (10/2021)
Demystifying Diversit Workbook, Daralyse Lyons (10/2021)
Fitlosophy, Sophie Thomas (EBOOK) (12/2021)
HYPHENED-NATION: Don’t Check the Box, Nicole Draffen (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Machine See Machine Do, Patrick Lin (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Superior Tapestry: Weaving the Threads of Upper Michigan History, Deborah K. Frontiera (10/2021)
True Tales: The Forgotten History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mikel B. Classen (paperback)(05/2022)
UP Colony: The Story of Resource Expoitation in Upper Michigan, Phil Bellfry, PHD (10/2021)
U.P. Reader – Volume 5: Bringing Upper Michigan Literature to the World (10/2021)


An Orphan of the Killing Fields, Tony Lai (EBOOK) (12/2021)
Blank Canvas, Marcy Gregg (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Caught with My Pants Down and Other Tales from a Life in Hollywood, Jim Piddock (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Funny Face: A Memoir, Peggi Davis (12/2021)
How to Eat a Shit Sandwich, Annette Densham (EBOOK) (01/2022)
Human, Vanessa Ferlaino (12/2021)
I Am Jess, Jessica Fahl (EBOOK)(03/2022)
In My Mother’s Footsteps: A Palestinian Refugee Returns Home, Mona Hajjar Halaby (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Not Bad for a South Texas Boy, Federico Pena (12/2021)
Part of My World: What I’ve Learned from The Little Mermaid about Love, Faith, and Finding My Voice, Jodi Benson (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Plus-Size: A Memoir of Pop Culture, Fatphobia, and Social Change, Mekdela (paperback)(05/2022)
Sink or Swimwear, Jennifer Berk Weisman (10/2021)
Tell Her She Can’t: Inspiring Stories of Unstoppable Women, Kelly Lewis (10/2021)
The End of Recidivism: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming the Mind of the Incarcerated, Gregory S. LaBeet (10/2021)
Travels With Maurice: An Outrageous Adventure in Europe, 1968, Gary Orleck (EBOOK)(03/2022)


Together Is a Beautiful Place: Finding, Keeping, and Loving Our Friends, Bailey T. Hurley (EBOOK)(01/2022)
Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, “It’s You, It’s Not Me” in the NYC Dating Scene, Mariann Yip (EBOOK)(03/2022)


Motherpuppin Adorable: What to Do When Your Dog Is Better Than Everyone Else’s, Kendra Clark (03/2022)


101 Tips for Surviving in a Pandemic: A Generation Z Guidebook, Kate Battaglia (03/2022)
A Logical Approach to Spirituality, Randy Kleinman (10/2021)
Dissolving the Anchor: Untethering Dysphoria and Self-Doubt to Create an Empowered Life, H.I. Yates (10/2021)
Fire Your Narrator!: A Storyteller’s Guide to Getting Out of Your Head and into Your Life, Valerie Gordon (01/2022)
Journey of the Heart: Awakening to Love, Darren Marc, (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Left/Write/Hook, Donna Lyon (10/2021)
How To Become An Emotionally-Savvy Adult: A Program in Leadership, Jan Booth (10/2021)
RADIANT: How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Life You Love, Iris Van Ooyen (paperback)(05/2022)
Recover in Color, Kathleen E. Yancosek, (03/2022)
SHIFTING Bravely: A Path to Growth, Healing, and Transformation, Holli Kenley (03/2022)
Simple Serenity: Finding Joy in Your Life, Nancy Oelklaus (paperback) (05/2022)
The Maestro Monologue: Discover Your Genius. Defeat Your Intruder. Design Your Destiny., Rob White (10/2021)
The Happy Human Playbook, Antonia Hall (EBOOK)(03/2022)


Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living with Grief and Thriving after Loss, Clarissa Moll (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Eight Was Enough: A God-Led Adventure with Adopted & Special Needs Kids, Trisha K. Campbell (01/2022)
Fearing Bravely: Risking Love for Our Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies,  Catherine McNiel, (EBOOK) (12/2021)
Get to the Point: Every Guidance or Provision You Will Ever Need Can Be Found Today in God’s Presence, Kevin White (12/2021)
How to Save the World: Disciplemaking Made Simple, Alice Matagora (EBOOK)(03/2022)
Kingdom and Country: Following Jesus in the Land that You Love, Angie Ward (EBOOK) (05/2022)
Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus, Jonathan Geoffrey Dean (ARC not on Amazon) (EBOOK) (01/2022)
Seeking God, Trevor Hudson (EBOOK)(05/2022)
Streams in the Wasteland, Andrew Arndt (EBOOK)(03/2022)
The Full Extent: An Inquiry into Reality and Destiny, Richard Botelho (EBOOK)(01/2022)
The Meaning of Life: When the Black Dog is Barking Up the Right Tree, M.H. Forrest (10/2021)
Wisdom: Apprenticing to the Unknown and Befriending Fate, Paul Dunion (10/2021)