Pending Review List

We review all genres (except textbooks). Listed below are the genres with books currently pending review.



Begotten by Joseph Crew (03/2020)
Celestina’s Burnings, Annemarie Schiavi Pedersen (03/2020)


Ain’t No Messiah, Mark Tullius (12/19)
Anu Tara Tiki: A Black Stone on the White Continent, Lorraine Saint-Hubert & Ludovic Des Leuques (06/2020)
A Shadowed Fate, Marty Ambrose (04/20)
Day of Judgment, Heath Daniels (12/19)
False Flag in Autumn (ARC), Michael Bowen (9/19)
Hanging Falls, Margaret Mizushima (10/2020)
Rainy Lake Rendezvous, Janet Kay (08/2020)
The Easter Man, Stan Freeman (8/2020)
Three Kisses, Heath Daniels (12/19)
Trick or Doggy Treat, Diane Wing (10/2020)
Under Fire, Peter Van Der Walt (7/19)
Wake of the Sadico, Jo Sparkes (12/19)


Helen, Beverly Westman (05/2020)
Somebody Else’s Troubles , J. A. English (10/2020)
Stray Our Pieces, Jason Graff (9/19)


Angelic Wars: First Rebellion, Rick E. Norris (1/2020)
Cloning Freedom, Stephen B. Pearl (10/2020)
Spooky Action at a Distance, Felicia Watson (04/20)
We Have Met the Enemy, Felicia Watson (11/19)


Compassion, Michigan, Raymond Luczak (10/2020)


Living, Loving and Learning to Love More, Geoffrey and Renu Woodbridge (10/2020)



100 Stocks That a Young Warren Buffett Might Buy, James Pattersenn Jr. (6/19)
Bailing Out the Company Canoe: Become a Better Boss, R.H. Franck (11/19)
Building: Lessons Learned in Real Estate & Life, Brian Watson (03/2020)
Citizen’s Guide to P3 Projects: A Legal Primer for Public-Private Partnerships, Ernest C. Brown (8/2020)
Don’t Retire… Graduate!, Eric D. Brotman (10/2020)
Gamification: Playing for Profits, Chris Collins (06/2020)
High Risk High Reward, Steve Scher (03/2020)
Individual Development Plan 2.0, Gonzalo Cordova (8/2020)
Leadership Hero Code, Kristen Hemingway (04/20)
Protecting the Pig, Jeff Link (09/2020)
Quotas!, Mark Donnolo (1/2020)
Team Quotient, Douglas Gerber (4/19)
The Guru Hoax, Jay Huling (03/2020)
The Profit Problem, Martin T. Holland (10/2020)
Thoughts on Things Financial, Robert R. Schulz (9/2020)


Framing Family: Building a Foundation to Raise Confident Children, Robin Marvel (08/2020)
The Art of Healthcare Innovation, Christina D. Warner (11/19)
The Sensory Processing Diet, Chynna Laird (10/2020)
Your Personal Journey with Food, Ingrid Lauw, Tracy Schroeder-Cromwell (10/2020)


Collapse 2020, Bruce Nappi (9/2020)
Demystifying Diversity: Embracing our Shared Humanity, Daralyse Lyons (10/2020)
Demystifying Diversit Workbook, Daralyse Lyons (10/2020)
Democracy: A User’s Guide, Joss Sheldon (08/2020)
Dump: A Common Sense Interpretation of an American Presidency, Mark Putzi (05/2020)
Mending America’s Political Divide, Rene H. Levy (9/2020)
U.P. Reader – Issue #4:Bringing Upper Michigan Literature to the World, Mikel B. Classen (05/2020)
When Paris was Dark: A Sliver of WWII History by Y.M. Masson (7/19)


Conspiracy of Grace: A Wild Tale of Transformation, Dale Fiegland (05/2020)
Dream Big, Never Quit: The Marc Megna Story, Marc Megna (1/2020)
Easing Out: Accepting My Gay Self, Seth Vicarson (9/19)
Fortunate Son, Brooks Eason (12/19)
Her Argument: Epiphanies, Theories, Confessions, Ellary Eddy (04/20)
Homoamerican: The Secret Society, Michael Dane (11/19)
Hooked: Lessons of the Heart from a Little Horse in Cabo, Christie Bonham (11/19)
Leave Your Light On, Shelley Buck & Ryder Buck, (06/2020)
My Adventure: An Encounter with Life, William Millard (10/2020)
My Generation, Nowick Gray (06/2020)
Not Created Equal, Mona Johnson (06/2020)
One Pill Makes You Stronger: The Drug that Scorched My Soul, Jill Stegman (03/2020)
The Phoenix Rising, Helen Ross Lee (04/20)
Timmy: A Boy, An Era, A Family’s Desperate Journey (ARC – not listed on Amazon) (06/2020)
The Whistleblower’s Tune, Hugh Giblin (10/2020)
Trish: A Story of Survival and Recovery, Patricia Byrnes (06/2020)


Ah, Food, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?, Todd Nyholm (05/2020)
Blow the Lid Off: Reclaim Your Stolen Creativity, Increase Your Income, and Let Your Light Shine!, Robert A. Belle (5/20)
Brave the Wave: Discover and Fully Realize Your Authentic Self, Johnny Cavazos MD (11/19)
Catch Me a Catch, Leora Hoffman (08/2020)
Coming Out as Mentally Ill, Jason Blake (1/2020)
Connect by Mark Ebinger (10/2020)
Consider Me: The Job Experience, Tanya Alexander (1/2020)
Flawed and (Still) Worthy, Allie Brazas (1/2020)
Hardcore Anxiety: A Graphic Guide to Punk Rock and Mental Health, Reid Chancellor (7/19)
KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s , David E. Frost (06/2020)
Life Check: 7 Steps to Balance Your Life!, Robin Marvel (04/20)
Love Is, Craig R. Durrant (05/2020)
Mercury, Miko & Me: How Holistic Dentistry Healed My Daughter and Saved My Life – Mary Bauer (4/19)
Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back…, Holli Kenley, (08/2020)
No Excuses: How Anyone Can Overcome a Rough Start, Roger Auger (05/2020)
Surrounded by Others and Yet So Alone, JW Freiberg (8/2020)
The Big Bliss Blueprint, Shell Phelps (06/2020)
The King of the Sea, Nandan Gautam (04/20)
The Law of Creation: The Science Behind Manifesting Your Desires, Steve and Tracy Webster (06/2020)
The Sailboat and the Sea, Peter Lundell (4/19)


52 Promises from God: A Devotional Journal, Jessie Seneca (9/19)
A Soul’s Journey, G.C. De Pietro (04/20)
Distracted: Finding God in a Chaotic World, Sherman Burkhead (05/2020)
God’s Phone Number, Daniel Essien (06/2020)
Into His Presence, Napoleon Burt (08/2020)
Love Made Simple, Juan Lee (09/2020)
Peace, Beauty and Joy, Come to Paradise! by Serena Bella (03/2020)
Reshaping Reality: Creating Your Life, Robin Marvel (04/20)
The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth, Lily Rose (06/2020)


True Trans Bike Rebel – Taking the Lane #15, Lydia Rogue (1/19)


American Slaughter-House: Confessions of a 911 Paramedic, Doc Cage,(Advance Review Copy) (06/2020)
The Memorandum: A True Story of Justice Forged from Fire, Robert W. Kelley (06/2020)


Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers, Carolyn Howard-Johnson (10/2020)