OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS: The 2022-2023 Literary Awards Program

OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS: The 2022-2023 Literary Awards Program 1024 576 Reader Views

We say this every year but, if you’ve ever talked with us you know how passionate we are about working with and promoting Indie authors—you inspire us! Every. Single. Day. It’s so rewarding being able to call what we do “work”—especially since we spend all our time with such fabulous, gifted authors. Each one of you leaves a mark by sharing your incredible talents and letting us be even a tiny part of your writing journey.

Today, we’re excited to share with you that the 2022-2023 Reader Views Literary Awards program is OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS! Here are some of the program’s benefits:


Two years ago, we introduced cash Grand Prizes for Best Overall Fiction and Best Overall Non-Fiction. This year’s cash prizes are as follows:


First Place—Gold – $750First Place—Gold – $750
Second Place—Silver – $350Second Place—Silver – $350
Third Place—Bronze – $150Third Place—Bronze – $150

Winners for the Grand Prize Cash Awards will be selected from the winners of each category. Every single book is eligible for a chance to win one of these awards.

We also have a long list of marketing prizes available, courtesy of our fabulous sponsors. Learn more here.


Electronic submissions. Our entry form is easy to use and takes one click of a button to enter. You will receive automatic confirmation of your entry, though we will still follow up with you through a separate email once we receive your submission.


We accept electronic copies of your book. We realize shipping costs can get out of control, especially for folks outside the U.S. so we’ve revised our requirement to send physical books and will happily read and review a properly formatted PDF of your book.

That said – we do still have many reviewers that prefer to read physical books, so you are more than welcome to send us your print copies.


In the past, entries to our Regional and Global categories counted as an additional category, meaning added expense to the author. NO MORE! Every book entered in at least one traditional category, i.e., Mystery, Self-Help, Business, Fantasy, etc., will receive Regional and/or Global category entry (ies) at no additional cost.  Regional categories are for North America only. Global categories are for all participants.

Those are the details of the awards program. Let’s go over briefly everything you get with your award entry:

  • Book Review – Each title will receive a book review. We’re one of the very few programs that provide a review of your book with your entry!
  • Social Media Postings – Review will be shared and promoted on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Be sure to follow us on social media so you can share the news we post about your books with your followers to double the exposure! We also post your review on Goodreads, Google Books, Book Bub and Indigo if your book is listed with these organizations.
  • News – Review will be featured on the Author Showcase page under the Recent Reviews section of These reviews are rotated on a weekly basis.
  • Regional/Global Categories – All books submitted to the contest receive a Regional and/or Global entry at no additional cost.
  • Grand Prize Entry – All books submitted to the contest are eligible for the cash grand prizes.

Best news for last – we’re bringing all of these features to you at the same price point we’ve maintained for years!

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at We’d love to hear from you!


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