New Year’s Resolutions

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Susan Violante, Managing Editor

It is finally 2021! Division or not I think we all are together on the excitement of moving away from 2020. But what type of New Year’s resolutions should we have after going through last year? The truth is that we are still dragging some of the issues from 2020, so our resolutions should be thought through if we really want to move forward. Below are some things we should think about when coming up with our new year’s resolution for 2021:

We are still not out of the woods from the Corona Pandemic

Yes, we have a vaccine, and yes vaccination has begun. But this does not mean we can relax. We still have months to go until at least the 75% of the US population gets the vaccine according to Dr. Fauci. So, we must hang in there and be patient as it might take longer to move towards our goals.

Political and Economic environment

2021 begins in the US with a divided country and economic downfall. A new government beginning in never seen political, economic, and health circumstances. This environment will most likely affect the realization of career goals as people are on guard, untrusting, and financially hurting.

Society’s mood

Because of all the above people’s fuse are volatile, our survival adrenaline is high, and our empathy is low. Society needs to pause and carve patience, and kindness to stay afloat. So, when work on our resolutions for this year being patient and kind must be one if we want to achieve anything else.

Listen, this new year let us come up with new resolutions. Let us be creative and think beyond ourselves by resolving to achieve goals that will make things better for everyone around us, instead of just benefit ourselves. Who knows, maybe by being kind to someone, that someone will help you achieve a personal aspiration as well!

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