Megan Weiss


I have had a passion for reading and writing since I was in junior high. I remember trying to write silly little stories as a kid in elementary school, and gradually worked my way up to reading and writing longer, more serious works.  The more experience I gained, and the more books I read, however, pulled me farther and farther into the literary world! I like to think that books found me at the times in my life when I needed to figure out where I belonged the most.

I have a Master’s Degree in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University, as well as Bachelor’s Degrees in Creative Writing and English and a minor in Anthropology. Most of my free time is spent getting overly emotionally attached to YA novels, hanging with my dog, or finding weird history topics to research.

My most notable publications are: The Familiar Dead: Ghosts and Spiritualism in American Culture, The Cobblestone Era: A History and The Spoken Word, a YA supernatural thriller.

Favorite Genres

Fantasy , Historical Fiction , Horror , Novel , Romance , Sci-Fi