Are You Making the Most of Your Author Central Account on Amazon?

Are You Making the Most of Your Author Central Account on Amazon? 1024 576 Reader Views

If you list your book on Amazon, you MUST have an Author Central account. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, take the time to get informed, discover all the valuable things you can add to your page and take advantage of the benefits. If you already have an Author Central be sure to keep it current!

So just what does Author Central do? First and foremost, it’s another place to let potential buyers know about you and your books. You create an author page that includes your bio, author photo and feeds from your blog and social media posts. You can also post your book video, advertise upcoming events, and even add Editorial Reviews, like the ones we provide at Reader Views. In short, it’s like having an additional website for you and your brand!

And there’s more. You can review Sales Figures, Rank History, and interact with the audience right where they go to purchase books. I really like the Sales Info because it is one simple way to track sales if I’ve done any promotions during a specific time. As with all Sales Info, the information isn’t entirely accurate up to the minute, but it’s close enough to see what movement you’ve had with your book. This is also a place you can compare the sales records to the records your publisher sends you during royalty reporting. As well, if you have more than one book, all the information is in one central place, and you don’t have to go from book page to book page.

Author Central also allows you to add all books you have published and listed on Amazon in one location. You do this by logging in, searching for your books and just clicking on the “add book” button.

If you are wondering how potential readers will find your author page, just go to a book listing on and click on the author’s name (at the top, under the title and next to “author.”) This will take you to the Profile Page of the author. 

The Author Central page complements the Author website and is a great expansion of your online presence, though it is not a substitute. Still, as Amazon is one of the most highly frequented consumer websites, it’s important to create your Profile Page and keep it updated and available to those that do shop Amazon. A must for Indies!


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