Legacy Books – Preserving the Stories that Matter the Most

Legacy Books – Preserving the Stories that Matter the Most 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante
Managing Editor

This past week we received the horrible news that my mother is terminal ill. Since then she has been in a rush mode to say and share everything with us. Not just about her life and life lessons, but also her recipes, pictures, crafts…it has been a storm of information, heirlooms, and one-on-one moments.

I struggle seeing her newfound need to transfer herself to our memories before she cannot communicate anymore and wonder why we didn’t use our time together to make sure we recorded her legacy in a book. We are used to seeing autobiographies and memoirs, but the small things that we remember by the ones we love are never mentioned. My daughters came up with the idea of recording her stories along with her legacies and heirlooms by creating a Legacy Book for the family. Can hardly wait to see what that looks like!

Have you ever thought about creating your own Legacy Book? Maybe this challenging time is the perfect motivation to record our lives before 2020. Has your lifestyle changed because of the Pandemic guidelines? Because of the economic downfall? Creating a Legacy book might not only record what normal life looked like before, it can also offer something comforting to do with your loved ones at home. In my case the legacy book is based on my mother, but it can also be adapted to any theme, anything you want to share or even just remember later on a printed book form to keep on your shelves. What would yours look like?

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