Keep Your Writing Goals on Schedule

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Susan Violante
Managing Editor

Sometimes we are lucky enough to receive a piece of advice that turns out to be the gift that keeps giving. In my case, it was my doctor’s advice to create a pre-bedtime routine to help me get daily quality rest. Well, her advice proved to be so helpful, that I now create routines in order to create consistency in both my work and personal life. Applying the routine technique to achieve regularity and dependability as an independent writer is not only wise, but it’s a must to keep your writing goals on schedule. Below are some things to consider when creating your writing routine.

Keep it Simple

Creating your writing routine does not have to be a big thing. On the contrary, the simpler the better and easier to follow and get used to.  It could be just the time to prepare your favorite tea, or few minutes of meditation before starting; anything to signal your body and mind that it is time to relax and create!

Pick a Writing Place

Not all of us have an ocean view window, nor a big enough window for that matter to make the Hollywood ideal writing place. But don’t worry we only need a ‘happy place’ to get our creative juices working! Could be your kitchen counter, your office, your patio or your favorite coffee shops.

Pick a Time to Write and Frequency

Most Indie writers have a day job. So, picking a time of day, length of writing time, and frequency that can be maintained without interfering with the main income producing job is necessary in order to be able to produce a book length story or consistent freelance projects. This is also true for fulltime authors who need to divide their day to wear all the hats necessary to write, publish and promote their work.

Creating and maintaining a writing routine has helped me finish projects. A simple cup of tea signals my body and mind that it is time to relax and forget all other tasks to focus on my story. I write in my office and make sure to finish a minimum of 2000 words whether for a story or articles for a magazine or newsletter editorials. What is your writing routine? Any tips you’d like to share?

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