Keep Your Sensitivity In Check to Help Promote Your Book

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Keep Your Sensitivity In Check to Help Promote Your Book

Writers sometimes get a bad rap for being eccentric and lacking a social filter. This comes as no surprise if we take into account the amount of time writers spend inside their heads and in front of their computers, isolated within their own little worlds. This ability of living in their heads can be very useful when focusing on creating and writing their stories, but it can be a heavy rock weighing down the need to promote their book! In today’s competitive market, balancing the hermitical/eccentric side with the people-friendly/promoter side is not only wise but crucial for a successful campaign. Below are some tips on developing the ‘Promotional Author Self.’

  • Work on promoting while writing. Scheduling social time during the writing phase will not only help with creating a platform for the upcoming book, it can also serve as practice with social skills so that once the book is out, the author feels comfortable pitching while socializing.
  • Diversify your social life. Most of us tend to move within one circle of friends or like-minded people, yet expect a broad audience to read our books! But for this to be fair, the author must put his or her interest in the audience as well. By being open to getting to know a diverse audience, the author opens up the door for his work as well.
  • Balance the writing time and community time. Scheduling and structuring the days to be able to accomplish writing and promoting does not mean creating a strict schedule. On the contrary, it means juggling both to make the most use of your time. If it is writing time but writer’s block pays the writer a visit, why not go out instead and use the time to connect with people! A calendar is there as a guide, but it must be flexible in order to work.

In the end, being a writer should mean a lifestyle where a person exteriorizes the world within instead of a person isolating themselves for months, only to torture themselves on exhausting and awkward promotional campaigns. How do you balance your writing/promotional time?

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